Itti Bitti Tutto – REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – Ends 10/10 **BGRFF EVENT**

About Itti Bitti
itti bitti is an Australian company that started in 2005 and has grown phenomenally, with itti bitti diapers now being sold in 25 countries and launching into the USA in March 2011. Moms worldwide love the ultra trim fit, gorgeous fabrics, superior quality, amazing performance and the rainbow of colors.

I received the Itti Bitti Tutto cloth diaper to review in the Peppermint color. This amazing diaper can adjust to fit the tiniest newborn to a small child. My 17-month old loved this diaper! The incredibly soft minkee fabric left my daughter rubbing her hands along it before I even had it on her! I could tell she was going to be super comfortable wearing this! The trim fit is remarkable. I don’t like “droopy drawers” on my daughter, and I THANKFULLY did not have to experience that.

Reliability is necessity with babies. I dread going to pick up Isabella out of her crib to realize that she’s soaked…along with the crib sheet and mattress (and anything else in there). The Itti Bitti Tutto diaper has a super leak protection with ultra absorbent bamboo soaker pads. A unique trait of the Itti Bitti Tutto diapers is their patented “poo fence”. The complete internal gusset that protects the backside is a godsend. I don’t have to worry about urine or poo coming from the back! I’ve had that happen way too many times, and Isabella goes straight to the bathtub!

My daughter does NOT stay still for pictures, so please excuse them! Isn’t the color extraordinary and vibrant? You can customize the absorbency up to five different ways to suit your baby. The diaper came with three soaker pads to adjust the absorbency with. I used just one for daytime, two for naptime, and three for nighttime. They worked wonderfully! Itti Bitti Tutto is very economical. You can purchase extra soaker pads  separately and re-use the outer shell. This is too awesome! I don’t want to buy the WHOLE diaper just to get the soaker pads!!

The minkee fabric is waterproof and is designed to ensure that your little one enjoys it. No more rough and irritating disposables! No cover is required!

The parts of the diaper are separated so you can wash them easily and dry them quickly! The Itti Bitti Tutto diaper comes in 18 seasonal prints that I find adorable!

The diaper did wonderfully! Isabella had absolutely NO leaks! She even pooped in it once. It was so easy to clean out, since I followed the well-written washing instructions to a T. Even after the wash, the minkee fabric remained soft and luxurious. The next time Isabella wore it, it was still just as absorbent. The Itti Bitti Tutto diaper also did NOT leave any red marks on my daughter’s waist or thighs! I highly recommend Itti Bitti Tutto to ANYONE who is in the market for the best of the best when it comes to cloth diapers.

One LUCKY Beautifully BellaFaith reader is going to win an Itti Bitti Tutto diaper of their own! Itti Bitti will choose the color. Thank you so much, Itti Bitti, for offering the giveaway prize!

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    Hi, I'm following you back! Don't you just love blog hops- it's such a great way to find amazing blogs. I'm glad you found mine, and now I'm following you! 🙂 Sarah

    I'd also like to join the giveaway. My daughter is still in diapers, and I wish I wouldn't have gotton rid of the cloth diapers we had for her so soon- thought potty training would be fast. 🙁 This sound purely amazing!!

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    THanks for the giveaway!
    Found it on

    It was hard to find the names of the colors on the itti bitty website, so I went to Just a tip in case anyone else wants to put down the specific names but can't find them!

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    Well let me just say trying to pick even 3my colors is hard since they are all so beautifully vibrant but here goes Midnight Purple and Jade….now let me submit my answer before I change my mind.
    ticklemetiffyyyy @yahoo dot com

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    turquoise red and lime green.
    i didn't seen the names…i really want to try out your stuff! These are too adorable… i will share with everyone!

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    I really love that they have so many colours to choose from. My three favorites are the Jade, Red and Turquoise. Thanks to Hannah for suggesting to find the names.

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    i like a lot of their colors but i already have so many blue diapers from companies without as much variety so i would pick lime red and silver

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