I’m Grateful For Answers / A PCOS Diagnosis

After trying to conceive for eight months, I knew something wasn’t right. I’ve always read that doctors won’t see you for a fertility check-up until you’ve been TTC for a year. Going into my appointment today, I was prepared to have my intuition brushed aside and be told to wait just a little longer. 

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I was stuck in Exam Room 4 for approximately 30-40 minutes. I couldn’t stop pretending to have a dialogue with my doctor inside of my head…practicing what I was going to tell her and preparing for pushback. 

Once my doctor, who performed my hysteroscopy last July, started asking important questions about my cycle, I was comforted in the fact that she was there to listen and to come up with a plan. She asked about my irregular cycles and mentioned my 30+ pound weight gain since my surgery. I blamed my move to NYC for being the stress in my life. While that is true, TTC in general has been the biggest stressor in my life…ever. She then performed a pelvic exam to check my cervix, and all looked good, which I was relieved to hear about since after I came out of anesthesia with my surgery, she informed me that one of the strings was stuck. 

We talked about facial hair and acne, and that was when she suspected polycystic ovarian syndrome aka PCOS. 



She pointed me to the sub wait room across from the ultrasound room. The sonographer was incredibly sweet. She first used the transvaginal ultrasound wand to take a look-see at my ovaries and my uterus. My left ovary was not cooperating, and we had to switch to the tummy wand, which was way more comfortable. She didn’t talk much about my ovaries, so I didn’t know if they looked good or if they looked like something was wrong. 

I was then instructed to go to the exam room again. It was around 5 minutes before my doctor came in and discussed the findings from the ultrasound. 

I have classic PCOS. 



She proceeded to inform me about what PCOS is, how it’s caused, and what to do to lessen the symptoms and how to get pregnant. She prescribed me Metformin for 6 months, and then we will try Clomid. 

While I’m crushed to hear that I actually do have PCOS, I’m grateful that I trusted my intuition, and I’m grateful for answers. Now I can move on and take the steps necessary to successfully get pregnant.









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