I Took The #BizChallenge!

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I was recently invited to participate in the Biz Stain Fighter challenge, and I couldn’t wait. I’m the one who does all of the laundry in my household. Every member of my household deals with different stains. I deal with stains produced by my daughter and dog, not to mention tomato sauce stains. My daughter’s clothes have become stained with 95% of the food that missed going into her mouth. My grandpa has grass and grease stains on quite a number of his shirts. I needed a stain fighter that sufficiently got the job done. This was the first time that I have ever used Biz Stain Fighter, but I was hopeful that it would be the solution for me.



Did you know that Biz now has a new logo and color scheme? I find it super eyecatching, and I know I’ll gravitate towards it when shopping. If you don’t know where to buy Biz, their website has a locator that you can use to find a store nearest you that carries Biz.

I decided to try Biz on two of my grandfather’s shirts. He requested these two, as they’re the two with the stains that just won’t come out during washes with regular detergent.



This is my grandpa’s lawn mowing t-shirt. It has pretty large and dark stains from grass and grease that are highly visible. Since the stain was so large and deep, I directly poured Biz Stain Fighter onto the stains and let it sit for a little over 10 minutes. After I let it sit, I added it to the washer and ran like usual. As you can see, the stain was able to be lifted quite drastically. While it’s not completely gone, I am optimistic that after another treatment or two, it’ll be like a brand new t-shirt. Biz contains more stain fighting ingredients that are sure to wipe out any stains, no matter how severe.


The above shirt is one of my grandpa’s newer shirts that he has received for Christmas. He wears it to church and whenever he goes somewhere where he has to dress up. Unfortunately, since the color is so light, it is prone to stains. This shirt is known for food stains, and I knew Biz Stain Fighter would make the stain vanish before our eyes.

The stains are more prominent on the collar. After just one wash using the Biz Stain Fighter, the stains were no more.

Compared to other brands, Biz is able to handle ALL four types of stains, which includes protein-based, peroxides, whitening agents, and detergents. In recent independent lab tests, Biz powder performed better against OxiClean, Clorox, and Purex on chocolate, blood, and baby formula stains. Biz Liquid beat out the others when it comes to eliminating blood and baby formula.

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