I Have a Confession…

my bladder leaks. 

As far back as I can remember, my bladder has always been weak. I would frequent the bathroom as if I was a diabetic. The fact that diabetes runs rampantly in my family didn’t help the worry. My blood sugar has been checked, and I’m nowhere near being a diabetic. That’s when my doctor talked to me about bladder leakage and how it was actually common for women in their 20’s to experience after having a baby. We didn’t tackle the issue for one reason or another, but after that visit years ago, my problem got much worse.

For the past two years, I’ve had to change my underwear up to four times a day. I don’t even feel it happening. It’s embarrassing, even though it shouldn’t be…especially when I’m around my boyfriend. I wish there was a way for me to save my underwear without having to flat out wear a diaper. I’m a few decades too old and too young for that. I didn’t know what to wear for bladder leakage.



Luckily, I can now rely on Depend Silhouette Active Fit. I picked up a box from my local Kroger in the S/M size, which is for waist sizes 28-40in. It includes 12 lower-rise briefs, which is what I need since most of my jeans are low-rise. My bladder leakage is at it’s worse when I’m active – whether I’m sweeping the house, grocery shopping, walking around NYC or standing in line for rides at Disney World. With these lower-rise briefs, I can go about my day without ruining my underwear and my self-esteem.



Depend Silhouette Active Fit comes in two different colors – black and beige. 

I love that they’re more absorbent than underwear, but they’re not as bulky as diapers or other bladder leakage products. I needed something specifically designed with young ladies in mind. Did you know that more women in their 20’s experience bladder leakage than women in their 80’s? That statistic should be shocking, but if other women in their 20’s are anything like me…it’s not really shocking at all. The average age of someone who experiences bladder leakage is just 52!



The lower-rise fit allows for it to look, fit and feel like actual underwear!

Depend is entering it’s second year of it’s underwareness campaign, which is a movement that crushes the bladder leakage stigma. If I felt ashamed of my bladder leakage issues, I can’t imagine how many others feel the same way. Want to show your support for those women who experience bladder leakage? Share a photo or video of Depend products using the hashtag #underwareness! For every photo or video shared, Depend will donate $1 — up to $3 million through 2016. These donations will go to fund research and education of bladder leakage!



Try before you buy! Visit www.underwareness.com to request your free sample of Depend Silhouette Active Fit!

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