I Got a Gym Membership! (finally)

I am so thrilled to tell y’all that I finally purchased a gym membership. A new gym opened up not too long ago called Planet Fitness. The location is convenient, as it is merely 5 minutes (if that) away. It’s seriously just 2-3 streets in front of my house. I heard a lot of negative reviews on Planet Fitness, particularly their stance on powerlifting and bodybuilding. Since I’m neither, I didn’t think it would affect me…and it didn’t. My particular PF location seems to be pretty lenient. Today was only my second day, but there was such a variety of folks sweatin’ it out just like I was. The gym was mainly filled with women, but there were a few men who were lifting heavy weights. I was waiting for the lunk alarm (the loud tornado-like siren that goes off when someone drops their weights or grunts loudly), but it didn’t.

Yesterday, I went with a few friends. It was ridiculously fun, and I got a great workout in. I did two 10-minute sessions on the elliptical and one 10-minute session on the stationary bike (the one where you sit down and hold on to the handlebars next to you). I worked out for approximately 48 minutes and burned 447 calories.

Since I’m a “black card” member, I’m entitled to unlimited tanning, massages and red light therapy. My friends warned me that the beds were really hot, and the fans weren’t all that great, so I decided to go in for 6 minutes. Ahhh, it felt so relaxing after a kick-butt workout. I know tanning isn’t healthy for you, but oh well. I gotta get beach bod ready!

Mondays are also my weigh-in days. I was nervous to step onto the scale, but to my surprise – the scale read 136lbs! That means that I am down -1.4lbs from last Monday. Great progress! My goal weight is around 110-115lbs, and I am well on my way to those dream digits.

I almost didn’t go to the gym today. Not because I didn’t feel like it or didn’t want to, but because my area is experiencing bad weather at the moment. Schools have closed down due to the dangerous, icy roads. I decided to go out anyways, and I’m happy to report that the roads weren’t too terrible on my way over and back. I’m SOOOO glad that I went. While I like working out with friends, I tend to workout harder and more efficiently when I’m alone. Probably because I have no distractions. My focus is solely on my workout.

I did two 10-minute elliptical sessions and two 10-minute stationary bike sessions. I didn’t even realize that I worked out for over an hour! The time includes cool downs, walking to different machines and going back to the locker room to get my other water bottle. My goal was to burn at least 500 calories yesterday, and I missed it…barely. However, I blew it out of the water today! I’m really proud of myself for burning that many calories. My next goal is 600 calories burned. I think know I can do it!

I’m so thankful for my supportive friends and family. Additionally, I am thankful for my “#fitfam” AKA my fitspo Tumblr and Instagram folks. They’re inspiring more than words can say. My feed is filled with healthy recipe ideas, workout ideas, before/after pictures, and inspirational quotes. The fit gals on Instagram has made me want to try out meal prepping! I already like to make a big batch and make it last about a week, but they take it to another level. Their meals are planned out to the T, making sure their macro’s are on point. I WILL get to that place.

If losing weight is your New Year’s Resolution, what have you done to make that happen? If it’s not, what is your New Year’s Resolution?

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