How to Get to Know Your Kids…THE EASY WAY!

Disclosure: I received a product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My daughter just turned 5 years old yesterday (OMG where did this little girl come from and where is my wittle baby?!), and she’s already a mini teenager. She loves to chit chat with me, but only on her terms. I cannot count the number of times she has rolled her eyes or slammed the door in my face to get some privacy. Regardless, she’s my best friend, and I want to get to know my best friend even more. Simply talking to a 5 year old isn’t going to cut it. I had to find a way to make it fun.



We received the This or That game from Peaceable Kingdom. I wouldn’t really call it a game, since nobody wins or loses (and I am against this entitlement era with our kids. Not everybody deserves a trophy just for participating). It’s more of an ice breaker or an activity. On the package, it says that the recommended age is 10 to adult. While some of the tokens included is geared more towards older children, you can still do this with a younger child.



This or That comes with 125 tokens that have questions on both sides for a total of 250 questions, along with a storage bag and instructions. There are tons of questions, and you don’t even need to ask them all in one session. You could spread it out over a few weeks during your weekly family game night. Like I noted earlier, some questions are not meant for young children. For example, one of the coins read King Tut or King Arthur. My 5 year old is smart, but she does not know who they are. One of the coins read Smelly or Slimy, which could be easily answered my a preschool aged kiddo. (She chose slimy because of the Nickelodeon green slime hehe)



Hmm…I’ll go with vertigo. That was a toughie since I do get dizzy quite often, and I do have a fear of closed in spaces.



Another tough question, but I went with broadway musical. I mean seriously…have you SEEN The Lion King?! Bella agreed with me.

This or That would be an excellent activity for sleepovers or birthday parties. I can also imagine it being a lot of fun with just adults or between couples. I wonder how my boyfriend would answer Cook or Clean? ­čśŤ



┬áPURCHASE IT: The This or That? cooperative game is available on Peaceable Kingdom’s website for $15.99.

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