Honor America’s Greatest School Nurses + How to Nominate Your School’s Nurse! [GIVEAWAY]

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School nurses are a godsend. When you’re at work or staying at home, school nurses are there to take care of your children and many other children throughout the day.

Every fever, every cold, every tummy ache, every fall…school nurses handle it all. They often go underappreciated and unmentioned. It’s not a job that receives a lot of attention, but Pfizer Pediatrics is here to change that!



Are you a supporter of your local school nurse? Do you believe that he or she goes above and beyond her call of duty to ensure that students are healthy and well taken care of? Maybe she did for your third grader, or maybe he did for your bestie’s Kindergartener.

Nominate your school nurse for America’s Greatest School Nurse!

One nurse from each state, including Washington D.C., will win a prize of $500! They will also be entered to win the grand prize — the title of being called America’s Greatest School Nurse AND a trip for a getaway from school sickness! What nurse wouldn’t love those prizes? They deserve rest and relaxation, right?!

Just visit AmericasGreatestSchoolNurse.com and fill out the form to nominate your school nurse. You’ll even the given the chance to tell them WHY they deserve the honor!



Although school nurses take care and treat illnesses that students are faced with, even they can’t prevent them. When sick gets real, we rely on Pfizer pediatric brands to carry us through the coughs and the sneezes.

Bella has an on again/off again cold that lasts from December to February every single year. It’s inevitable. One week she’s 100% fine, the next she has a cough, then the next she has the sniffles and sneezes. On those mornings where she’s feeling under the weather, she takes Children’s Robitussin before we head out to school. Thankfully, it comes in kid-friendly flavors, including grape. Bella won’t touch medicine unless it’s grape flavored. If it’s grape, she chugs it like a champ! Children’s Robitussin allows my daughter to feel like herself at school so she can learn and socialize with her buddies without distractions.

If your kid is like mine, they tend to feel their worse right before or during bedtime. We like to use Children’s Dimetapp Nighttime Cold&Congestion (not pictured). Thanks to this medicine, my daughter is able to sleep through the night with minimal coughing.


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