Holiday Gift Guide: New Peppa Pig Products from Fisher-Price and Candlewick Press!


Peppa Pig is a mainstay in my household. It’s Isabella’s favorite show after all. The TV is always on in our home, but it’s mainly just background noise for when she is playing with her toys. However, when Peppa Pig comes on the screen, she sits down in her rocking chair and enjoys back-to-back episodes that airs on Nick Jr. The show is hilarious for both small children and grown-ups alike. The way that they fall down whenever they laugh always makes us giggle. In addition to the entertainment value found in Peppa Pig, the show also provides life lessons that young kids can emulate, especially those dealing with younger siblings.

Toys “R” Us has launched new Peppa Pig products from Fisher-Price and Candlewick Press. We have reviewed Peppa Pig products from Fisher-Price and Candlewick Press before, and we still ADORE them. We received the Bedtime Peppa doll and Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa toy from Fisher Price and the Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School book from Candlewick Press.

The Bedtime Peppa doll is absolutely adorable. It’s perfect for young girls who prefer to sleep with a stuffed animal. When you press Peppa’s tummy, her cheeks glow a bright red while she sings a soothing lullaby. She even counts sheep! However, if you pick Peppa up, she’ll sing a nice wake-up song to start your day! The Bedtime Peppa doll is available at Toys “R” Us (in person and online) for $26.99.

The Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa toy is excellent for imaginative play. Isabella can create simple or even elaborate story lines for both Peppa and George. She enjoys playing with this toy in the bathtub the best. It comes with a Peppa figure, a George squirter, a washing brush and a bathtub storage container that actually STICKS to the wall of the bathtub via suction cups. George can squirt water, and Isabella found this to be quite funny! The washing brush is very neat, as it helps Peppa get clean and changes the color of her “muddy spots” with the help of warm water. This toy is also available at Toys “R” Us stores and online for $12.99.

Isabella is a big books fan. The girl loves to read. Even though she’s only 3 1/2 years old, I swear it seems like she’s able to somewhat read. I don’t know whether it’s by memorization or if she’s able to point out certain words. Either way, she reads more books in a day than I can count. Her new favorite book is Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School. It contains 32 pages of the adventures that Peppa and her friends have at school. The book cover can even turn into a coloring poster for your child! This book is available at Toys “R” Us and select booksellers for $12.99.


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Disclosure: I received product from Peppa Pig for reviewing in this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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