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Pretzels have always been my favorite snack of all time. I’m always on a quest for new pretzels, especially all natural ones. Since I’m trying to switch to a healthier and greener lifestyle, that means I have to change my snacks, as well. HK Anderson has all-natural pretzels that even the most discriminating palette will enjoy.
About HK Anderson Pretzels
Decades ago, German settlers brought their favorite food staple, the “bretzel”, to Pennsylvania. In 1888, we started our first storefront bakery in Lancaster, where H.K. Anderson took part in building the tradition of the American pretzel snack – twisting every one by hand and baking them to golden perfection in our brick ovens.

We’ve since outgrown that little brick bakery, but we’re still making quality snacks for everyone with the same handmade care that went into our first pretzels. Like H.K. Anderson, we are committed to bringing you and your family the finest pretzels with simple, classic American ingredients, and our own unique, modern twists. We hope you enjoy!

For my review, I was graciously sent four of HK Anderson‘s snacks. The first one I tested out were the Salty Stix Ultrathin Pretzels. I have a weakness for salty food items, and this was no different. Each of the stix had the PERFECT amount of salt on them. Not too much, not too little. The only bad thing I have to say about them is that the bag was empty before I knew it! I gobbled it up like it was nothing! But, it was DEFINITELY something! Something delicious!
Sometimes the fastest way to a delicious pretzel experience is a straight line (lots of them).
I also received the Peanut Butter Filled Nuggets. I decided to take these along on a shopping trip with Isabella. As most mothers know, shopping with a toddler can turn a one hour trip into a two or three hour trip. That can cause us to get frustrated…and even a bit famished. Control your hunger temporarily with these Peanut Butter Filled Nuggets. They will hold you over until your next meal.
 “We call it true love—a sweet, rich peanut butter inside, a tidy salty crunchy-pretzel nugget outside.“‘
I also received the Pretzel Balls Double Baked Butter. These were SO good! As a matter of fact, I’m munching on them as I write this review! 
An irresistible bite of twice-baked buttery goodness with a tasty popcorn flavored crunch. 
Last, but not least, I tried out the Honey Wheat Braided Twists. This is something that my almost 16-month old liked! It was easy for her to hold in her tiny hands. She kept begging for more! Unfortunately, I shared. I say ‘unfortunately’ because I wanted them all to myself!
A trifecta of wholesome whole wheat, a little twist, and a graham cracker-like honey experience. 
What makes H.K. Anderson pretzels special? we’ve taken a time-tested winner in the traditional pretzel and made it a unique snacking experience. We combine the wholesome simplicity of the pretzel with an added twist for a memorable snacking treat. You can satisfy your cravings for taste and flavor without having to sacrifice by eating unhealthy. With H.K. Anderson pretzels you can enjoy a guilt-free snacking experience with great taste! 

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