#HGG12: Teach My Toddler Learning Kit Review

Isabella has reached the age where she’s curious about everything, including what all these letters, numbers, shapes and colors are in the world around her. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see her soak up this information so quickly. She’ll often point to a certain object and name it’s color. When I received the Teach My Toddler kit, I knew Isabella would be taken aback by all the neat things inside! (And so was I!)

The Teach My Toddler Learning kit is PACKED with educational tools to aide in your child’s development. It includes four different sections, each individually packed in a plastic case that can be velcro’ed shut. The fact that each section is separated from each other means a lot, as my mind is often frazzled due to my own school work. The less organization on my part, the better!ย 

The four sections include:

  • Alphabet
  • Colors
  • Numbers
  • Shapes


ย These are the basics that every child must have a decent grasp on before entering Kindergarten. Bella will be attending preschool in 2014. It seems like it’s a while away, but it’s actually right around the corner. Since she’s home with me all day every day (minus when I’m at school), it’s the perfect time for her brain to act like a sponge and soak all this useful knowledge in. In order to succeed in elementary school, you must have a firm understanding on the alphabet (which will be used to make words then sentences then stories!), colors, numbers (which will be used in math) and shapes.ย 

Each section includes a poster to hang on your child’s wall, puzzles (the alphabet section has two!), a book, and flash cards (55 of ’em). I couldn’t believe at what was included for me to use at my disposal. I firmly believe that Isabella will be well prepared once she gets to preschool and Kindergarten thanks to Teach My’s Toddler Learning Kit!

After utilizing the Teach My Toddler Learning kit for a few weeks now, I have noticed an extreme increase in my daughter’s vocabulary. Previously, she didn’t know a single shape (partly because we’ve been focusing on her ABC’s and 123’s). Now, she’s able to point out squares, circles, triangles and more!ย 

While she was excellent with her basic colors before we received the kit, she now knows colors she wasn’t quite familiar with! Additionally, the colors she knew before…she had a nice review and was even more strong in the colors department.


Isabella’s favorite part about the kit was definitely the puzzles! She was so proud of herself whenever she’d place a puzzle piece into the correct space. We had a small celebration after she successfully mastered the capital letters puzzle!

This kit would make an awesome and thoughtful gift for the toddler wrapped around your finger! ๐Ÿ™‚

You can purchase the Teach My Toddler Learning Kit online for $49.99.

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