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Isabella is at that age where her imagination is running rampant. When she plays with her dolls and toys, she comes up with quite a few very interesting scenarios. Just today, she let two of her small teddy bears drive her Barbie Ferrari! Creativity is a skill that every child should master. Little Pnuts offers special packages geared towards your child’s age. We received the Toddler Special Delivery!

Included in the Toddler Special Delivery is HABA’s Tim’s Building Machines Puzzle Book, HaPe’s Twist and Turnables, HaPe’s Number Matching Puzzle and Sevi’s Guiro. I was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of toys included in the package. Isabella thought it was an early Christmas!

Isabella is starting to become quite interested in putting puzzles together, and when I introduced the Number Matching Puzzle to her, she was very stoked to attempt to place each piece in the correct slot. The puzzle includes 11 pieces (numbers one through ten). Isabella knows her numbers, and she has even mastered recognizing them in real-life situations. I believe since utilizing this handcrafted puzzle, her recognition skills have grown stronger and stronger.ย 

My daughter loves to sing, and she even knows to play instruments while she does so. Since she only has a guitar (her tamborine broke :(), she’s been creatively coming up with new ways to make sounds. Sevi’s Guiro is an excellent instrument that is very easy for a 2-year old to play. All she has to do is glide the stick across the guiro to make interesting sounds. She truly got a kick out of all the tunes she was able to create!

The Twist and Turnables was Isabella’s favorite out of the four toys we received. She enjoyed taking them apart and figuring out how to twist them back together. Not only does she have a blast building all these colorful shapes, but it helps build her fine motor, social, self-discovery, problem solving, imagination & creativity, and physical skills. She never gets bored with the Twist and Turnables!


Tim’s Building Machines Puzzle Book is a 3-in-1 picture-book, jigsaw puzzle and color die game. Isabella was amused at the fact that the book had PUZZLES inside of it! This was the first time she’s encountered that.


Don’t have a toddler? No problem! Little Pnuts offers special delivery packages for infants and preschoolers, as well. Each month is only $25 and includes toys specially for your child’s development. Experts have come together to make sure that each of Little Pnuts’ subscribers are receiving the best of the best when it comes to educational toys. On Holidays, your child will receive themed toys to bring in some cheer. Even on your child’s birthday, they will throw in something extra special!

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