#HGG12: Garden Botanika Review

I like to smell good, and I like my room to smell good, as well. The sweet aromas provide an intoxicating warmth is just what I need after a long day at school. I consider myself a perfume connoisseur and a candle nut. I prefer fruity scents, in addition to delicate and airy scents that remind me of all things pure and clean. Garden Botanika offers both perfumes and candles that are sure to delight any gift recipient.

Garden Botanika sent me their heavenly Heart Candle and their best-seller Heart Perfume. I was unsure as to what the heart candle and perfume would smell like. After lighting the conveniently sized jar filled with a pretty light pink substance, I was quickly enamored by the sweet, sweet scent that filled my room. I was able to set it next to me while studying for my highly difficult laboratory exam for my Anatomy and Physiology class. It provided me comfort, not only to my nose – but my mind, as well.

Who would love Garden Botanika’s Heart Candle? Just about everyone, but to give you some ideas – mothers, sisters, teachers, coworkers, best friends. This is a beautifully poured candle into a sophisticated jar, and it would match practically any home decor.


The Heart Perfume comes in a classy bottle, just right for gift-giving. You know how when a person walks into a room, and they smell absolutely perfect…and you just want to sit/stand next to them? Well, this is probably going to happen after you spritz this perfume onto yourself. It’s long-lasting, and I now know why it’s Garden Botanika’s best seller. The floral scent, accompanied by cedar, citrus and a hint of musk, would be the perfect complement to any date-night ensemble. My boyfriend LOVED it! He kept commenting on how “great I smelt”.

You can purchase the Heart Candle for $19 and the Heart Perfume for $28. Garden Botanika ships to the US and Canada only.

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