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If you have a daughter, chances are…you love dressing them up in the cutest outfits. I know I sure do. And when Christmas rolls around…forget it. I usually blow approximately $100 on a few days worth of Christmas dresses and outfits. I want my little girl to break necks when she walks through the door, and FromDiapers2Divas will allow her to do just that!
I was graciously sent a Christmas Green Tutu from FromDiapers2Divas. The tutu I requested is a size 3T. My daughter is 19 months old, but she tends to need bigger tutus in order to fit her. She still has plenty of room to grow into it, and who knows? Maybe she’ll fit into it next Christmas, as well! 
Isabella LOVED this tutu, as well as myself. She kept fluffing it out to make it even bigger. This little girl is such a diva! Although she’s not much of a model (I can’t get her to stay still), I still was able to capture some nice pictures.
This tutu is too perfect for the holidays. I plan on putting Isabella in it for my family’s Christmas get-together on Christmas Eve. I do have a backup dress just in case she starts to get rowdy! 😛 
The colors on this tutu is gorgeously vibrant. The green really POPS! My eyes were immediately drawn to the big red bow that it attached to the waistband. It’s beautiful! Isabella was attracted to it almost instantly, and I had to keep her from pulling it apart.
The ribbons are hand sewn to keep them in place. The waist band is 1″ non-roll elastic. Top quality! Robin (the maker of this stunning tutu) uses 1″ for children’s sizes 3 and up. Under that, she uses 3/4″ elastic. The ratio is more appealing, but it is still really effective. The elastic is machine sewed using a zigzag stitch, tice over, and then across the middle for extra security.
The Christmas Green Tutu retails for $25, which is a VERY reasonable price. Especially for the quality of this tutu! Isabella owns a lot of tutus, and this has got to be one of  my favorites. It’s easy to fluff out to create an even larger silhouette. 
Purchase It:
 You can purchase the Christmas Green Tutu for $25 via FromDiapers2Divas’ Etsy shop! 


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    i loved dressing up my daughter when she was little! what little girl wouldn't love a twirly dress??! what nice products-i've never heard of this company so i appreciate the review.

    annae07 at aol dot com

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