Goodbye Colic! Hello Dr.Brown’s Baby!

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Determining how you want to feed your baby can be one of the toughest decisions for some moms. If you choose to formula-feed or pump, you then have to decide on which bottle is best for your family. For us, that’s Dr.Brown’s. Dr.Brown’s was a staple in my household when my older daughter was a wee baby, and Baby Girl will be using them, as well, for when I choose to feed a pumped bottle of breast milk.




Dr.Brown’s Standard 3-pack bottles are an excellent choice to begin your bottle supply. Assuming you want to keep colic, spit-up and gas at bay, that is. And honestly…who doesn’t? Colic is no fun, for either baby or mommy, daddy, big sister or the neighbors!



Dr.Brown’s bottles are equipped with an internal vent system that keeps air bubbles out of the milk and keeps important nutrients, such as Vitamin C, A and E, in. When air comes through the collar, it goes directly through the vent tube to the end of the bottle, completely bypassing the milk and preventing aeration of the milk, vacuum pressure and nipple collapse. You can’t find this vent system in any other bottle!



The Standard 3-Pack set comes with three 8oz bottles that include a cleaning brush and level 1 silicone nipples that are designed for babies from birth to 3 months. As your baby grows, their nipple needs will change, as they’ll require a different flow rate.



Another option is the Dr.Brown’s Options Bottle! You get the same benefits as the Standard bottle, but you’re able to use with or without a vent, pending your baby’s developmental progression.




Although the Options bottle can be used with or without the vent system, it’s still recommended to use the vent system due to all of the health benefits that it provides. As mentioned earlier, the vent system helps preserve vitamins, helps digestion, and creates vacuum-free feeding.

Once your baby becomes an expert at feeding, you might decide that you would rather do without the vent system. Doing away with the vent system provides a similar feeding experience to most nipple-vented bottles and created a paced flow. The Options bottle grows with your baby and their ever-changing feeding needs!



So, you now have all these bottles, and it’s time to wash them. How do you do it? The preferred way is by using Dr.Brown’s Dishwasher Basket. It’s designed to hold three sets of standard bottle parts and conveniently fit in the top rack of your dishwasher.




My favorite part about this dishwasher basket is that they’ve made it simple to figure out what goes where thanks to the cut outs. Each piece has it’s own individual place. No confusion, plus the parts get extra clean!



You can purchase any of the products at Walmart, Target, Buy Buy Baby, or Babies R Us. They’re also available online through Amazon and a variety of other retailers.

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