How To Get Rid of Lice Quickly and Safely!

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Super lice. Did reading that made you itch your head or your arms? Just the thought of lice makes me scratch all over and brings up stressful memories of when my daughter and I endured the many annoyances of lice. Besides the obvious itching her head until she cries, there is also financial, physical and emotional stress involved.



This past May, we had to, unfortunately, deal with super lice. She started out by scratching her scalp before school one morning, but I brushed it aside and assumed she was simply being whiny like she usually is during the early hours of the day. However, when she returned home from school, she was still complaining about her head itching. Once we returned home, I examined her scalp and was horrified and embarrassed. If I had known that she had lice, I would have kept her home from school and work to get rid of them! The fact that I, albeit unknowingly, sent my kid to school and possibly had her spread lice to others made me feel awful.

I walked as quickly as I could to the nearest drugstore and purchased Nix® Ultra System. Why did I choose Nix® Ultra Super Lice Treatment? Number one – because it is pesticide-free. Number two – because it works FAST at killing lice and eggs and even the dreaded super lice. And number three – because it is the #1 pediatrician and pharmacist recommended brand.




The process did take about two hours, but keep in mind that my daughter does have extremely long and thick hair. This process would be much less time-consuming if your child had shorter and/or thinner hair. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the amount of lice being combed out of her hair. I lost count, but it was in the hundreds. While the process took awhile, Nix® Ultra did not. It killed all of the (super) lice and eggs in no time at all, which is great because as a busy mom I don’t have time to be chasing a louse down!



Want to know if there is a lice outbreak in your area, especially since school is back in session or about to be soon? Nix® offers a lice tracker that tracks infestations down to the minute. That certainly gives me a peace of mind! In my snapshot of Manhattan above, you can see what areas have a higher incidence levels than others. If you see that your area has a higher incidence level, it might be a good idea to go to your local drugstore and purchase Nix® Ultra.


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