Gearing Up For Back to School with Walmart #BTSLikeABoss

Gearing up for back to school season is no joke. There’s more to it than just shoving supplies in your kid’s backpack and sending them on their way. I find that shopping for back to school products IN the home is just as important as actually at school. Paper products are a lifesaver to have in the home with school-aged children!



Kleenex is my favorite paper product to supply hoard the house with during back to school season. I purchased Kleenex at Walmart to help with Bella’s Kindergarten year. Kids tend to get sniffles a lot during their school years, but especially the fall months. And you know what that means! If your kids get sick, you’re going to get sick too! That’s just the way the world works. 

Kleenex is wise to have on deck to offer softness and moisture to little noses and big noses alike.



In addition to Kleenex, Scott bathroom tissue and Viva paper towels are also household essentials for back to school season. With school comes hungry tummies and messy projects, trust Viva paper towels to pick up accidents with ease with it’s strong and soft like cloth texture. These paper products are available at Walmart, along with other school supply essential items! How convenient!




While you’re stocking your house up with back to school essentials, you can get started on collecting Box Tops! Scott and Viva products offer DOUBLE Box Top, while Kleenex products offer BONUS Box Tops! Having your children collect Box Top is a smart way to encourage giving back to the community, as every Box Top is worth 10 cents towards your child’s school. 


How do YOU conquer Back to School like a boss?


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