Fuelbaby Bottle Review – Mix + Go!



Feeding your baby on the go is tricky no matter if you breastfeed or formula feed. With formula feeding, mixing the formula and making sure it’s still safe to feed to baby is one obstacle parents have to face. I recently came across a product that is the answer to that obstacle!!




The Fuelbaby Bottle is wonderful for those who formula feed. You’re able to prep the bottle at home and feed on the go! You no longer have to worry about feeding your baby their bottle within a specific time frame because of how this nifty bottle is designed.



The ability to prep the bottle ahead of time is thanks to the bottom part of the bottle (aka the “fueler”) that can be screwed on and off. Just pour the appropriate amount of water into the bottle and the appropriate amount of formula powder into the fueler. Once you’re ready to mix the bottle, push the bottom of the bottle, utilizing a soft silicon ring, to release the power into the water. Easy peasy!



Fuelbaby Bottles come with an anti-colic teat that is designed to resemble a mother’s breast. While I do plan on breastfeeding this baby, I’m fully aware that things may not go according to plan (they didn’t with my first!), and I may need to supplement with formula. Having a bottle with a teat that’s similar to the breast is important to me. The Anti-Colic Air-Flow system minimizes the risk of colic by swallowing air. Bella had slight colic when she was around 3 months old, and it was miserable for us both.



And, of course, my favorite feature about the Fuelbaby Bottle is that it’s LEAK-PROOF! If you’re a veteran momma, you KNOW why that is vital! I can’t count the number of times that I’ve had formula spill on me and baby because the bottle liked to spill through the bottom of the nipple.

The Fuelbaby Bottle comes in three colors – green, pink and yellow.

PURCHASE IT: You can purchase the FuelBaby bottle for $19.99 online!

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