Frozen Bedroom Must-Haves!

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If you have a little girl between the ages of 2 and 7 (give or take), chances are…they’re a Frozen fanatic! They want every bit of merchandise that the sisters are plastered on, and perhaps — they even want a Frozen themed bedroom! Below are some products to help your daughter decorate their room Frozen-style!




This adorable Frozen sheet set is sure to make your child’s bedroom be more cool. It comes with 1 comforter, 1 standard sham, and 1 fitted sheet.



I really want to purchase a hamper for Bella’s new room, and I stumbled upon these Frozen hampers that I know she’ll love. I just don’t know which one to choose! 



This Frozen table lamp is perfect to place on your child’s desk or dresser! I would love to get this for Bella’s desk so she can do homework or play games on the computer.



I’ve been looking for Frozen panels ever since we’ve been re-doing Bella’s new room. Her walls are bright (emphasis on bright) yellow walls, so I wanted panels that meshed well with the brightness. These darkening panels are only $14.88 and is 42″x63″.



If you’re looking for some Frozen wall art, look no further than this super neat canvas LED wall art piece! This could also serve as a nightlight! 



This Frozen area rug will go wonderfully with a themed room! It’s 40″ x 54″ and only $18.99!



Or maybe your daughter would enjoy this Frozen hopscotch game rug! This would be a blast if your daughter has friends sleeping over!



Since we just moved to our new place in NYC a week ago, I have nowhere to put Bella’s massive amount of dress up clothes. This Frozen storage trunk looks like it could fit all of her dress up clothes and accessories! It’s just $26.59!



Bella desperately needs an extra toy organizer, and this Frozen toy organizer fits the bill quite nicely! It has six uniquely sized bins that can be used to separate different types of toys.



We already have an activity table set, but if we didn’t, I would choose this Frozen activity table set! It’s perfect for coloring, arts and crafts, and homework!



Every gal needs a spot to sit down and relax, and this Frozen flip open sofa is ideal for just that!



Or, if you’d rather have a Frozen high back chair.



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