Even Miracles Take a Little Time! ANNOUNCEMENT!

After nearly eighteen months of trying to conceive, month after month of tears over negative tests, countless OPKs and fertility meds, and everything else under the infertility sun…we have an announcement to make…


We’re FINALLY pregnant!!!

I am due September 9th, 2017. OMG…I HAVE A DUE DATE!!!

To say that I am over the moon excited is the understatement of the year. I’ve waited so long (albeit not exactly patiently), and it’s finally happening! I’ve been crying on and off since I saw the two pink lines!



I cannot wait to share weekly pregnancy updates starting next week, along with my favorite tried and true tips and products pertaining to pregnancy, childbirth and baby’s first days!



Bella has been smiling from ear to ear ever since we revealed the news to her! I gave her a card that said “Hey! Guess What?” on the front”, and inside it says “You’re being promoted to BIG SISTER!“. It didn’t click at first, but after a few minutes, the lightbulb went off! She hasn’t stopped talking about her baby SISTER (don’t even mention it being a brother). She’s even becoming kind of impatient by saying “I want the baby to be here nowwww”. LOL!! Me too, girlie, me too.






Sad young woman holding pregnancy test feeling hopeless


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