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While I do not smoke, I used to have a family full of smokers. Yes…used to. The ex-smokers in my family finally decided they had enough of the tar filled sticks and quit. Some switched to tobacco dip (not much better, if at all) or quit cold turkey. I believe that they would have had an easier time transitioning to the non-smoking lifestyle if they had known about the wonders of e-cigarettes.

The smoker in my life currently is my boyfriend, Frank. He has attempted to quit numerous times to no avail. Recently, he was made aware of e-cigarettes! To be honest, what he liked most was that he could “smoke” in restaurants, due to no harmful smoke.Now with, he can read about other e-cigarette brands and how other consumers favored them.

What he loves most about is that the electronic cigarette reviews are unbiased! The reviewers aren’t paid to say nice things. They’re true and genuine. Frank feels like he can trust the website as the reviews are reliable and actually speak about the product. Additionally, users can comment with their own reviews. He can easily see which brands are the most popular, along with the estimated price.

Not to mention, offers wallet-friendly coupon codes for a variety of electronic cigarette brands.

Frank has been on the website for about two weeks, and he feels knowledgeable about the different brands available to him. I believe that this is the BEST step forward to ending his addiction.

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