How to Earn Gift Cards Online with Minimal Effort Using Swagbucks!


While most of my income comes from my blog, I also like to earn extra cash through other sources. One of those is Swagbucks. I know you’ve probably heard about it and either didn’t give it a second glance or thought it would be too hard. I am here to tell you that earning money with Swagbucks has never been easier. I am going to show you step-by-step on how to earn money with Swagbucks.

So, you’re going to sign up for Swagbucks. Now what?



Let’s take a look at your daily goal and your to do list.

You definitely want to reach your daily goal. And how come, you ask? When you complete your daily goal, you get bonus Swagbucks (SB for short) at the end of the month. My first daily goal today is 30SB, but my daily goal overall is 76SB. If I reach 76SB today, I will earn an additional 8SB. The higher your daily goal is, the higher your bonus is once you reach your goal.



After you reached your first goal for a 7, 14, 21 or a month…you’ll earn an even BIGGER Swagbucks bonus. If you’ve reached your first goal for the entire month, you’ll earn an additional 300SB. That is the equivalent to $3. Sure, it’s not much, but it adds up. You’ll receive 300SB PLUS the daily bonus. If you accomplish a month streak and reach your daily goal (assuming it’s 80SB every day), you’ll have earned 548SB ($5.48) by doing nothing!



On the left side of the page, you’ll see your To Do List. These are just eight of the many ways to earn Swagbucks. If you complete at least 6 on the list, you’ll earn between 1-4SB. If you complete all 8, you’ll receive an even bigger SwagBuck payout! I’m going to show you how to earn $$$ with these eight options.



1. Daily Poll: You can do this every day for 1SB. That’s 30 cents a month…or $3.60 a year. I know, I know…it’s not a lot. But it’ll get you closer to your goals.



2. Daily Crave: All you have to do is wait for the “Like It” button to turn green and click it. I would not suggest clicking “Not for me” as sometimes it’ll kick you out of the page. This is super quick. Probably takes a minute tops. You only have to do it once to have it counted on your To-Do List, but you can do it as many times as it will allow you on the homepage.


3. Daily Search: This is completely random. Just search for things using their search engine. I’ve earned anywhere from 6 to 60 Swagbucks with this.



4. Daily Watch: You can earn 1-3 Swagbucks by watching a playlist of videos. Some playlists are a lot longer than others, so be mindful with which one you choose. I tend to stick to playlists that are less than 20 minutes long. You’re able to earn up to 500SB per day by watching unique videos! That’s $5/day! I always have the videos running in the background on my computer or on my tablet.



5. Daily Discover: This page will show you different offers that you can complete to earn some Swagbucks. This is one of my main ways of earning SB. SOME DO COST (I choose not to do those). SOME ARE TRICKY FREE TRIALS. I have been charged by not canceling my trial in time, so I stay away from those now because I’m a procrastinator. Some don’t cost at all. You just have to fill out forms to get free samples, enter sweepstakes, etc. You can also install free apps on your phone to receive Swagbucks. Just click on the “free offers” tab on the left-hand side (in between “Sign Ups” and “Shopping”) to see all the cost-free ways of earning more Swagbucks. You can fill out offers from a variety of sponsors, including TrialPay, RadiumOne, AdWall and SponsorPay.



6. Attempt a Gold Survey: Another way to earn Swagbucks is to fill out a “gold” surveys. You have to answer some questions in order to qualify for the actual survey, and sometimes you’re not a good fit. Example: Some survey companies are wanting only smokers or only diabetics to fill out their surveys. You will still earn 1SB for being disqualified. Most of the surveys take between 10-20 minutes. However, there are some that can take upwards to an hour but often include a bigger payout, like 250SB. The average payout is 75SB per survey, which equals 75 cents.

8. Completing a Gold Survey: If you actually qualify and complete a gold survey, you’ll be able to check this off of your daily to-do list.



7. Deal of the Day: Every day, you can earn Swagbucks by participating in the special offer deal of the day. This is not my preferred way of earning SB, as you have to spend money in order to earn SB. If you’re already wanting to purchase the product that’s featured in the Deal of the Day, then this could be a great option for you.


Now that I’m done explaining ways to earn a few cents with the To Do List, I’m going to move on to the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the Swagbucks website.  I will explain each option that wasn’t mentioned above.



9. Shop: This is the second link you see under “Earn Your SB”. Using links through Swagbucks, you can earn cash back on eligible purchases. Every time I shop online, I make sure to go through Swagbucks. I shop a lot on, and Swagbucks currently gives up to 7% cash back! If you already shop online, this is the biggest way to earn cash back. If you don’t, please do not do this option just to get the Swagbucks. You can earn cash back with various stores, including Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s and more. In order to earn the SBs, you HAVE to go through Swagbucks and click on their link to the website you’re wishing to purchase from!



10. Play: Yes! You can play GAMES for Swagbucks!! Play 10 games for 10SB every day. The quickest game is Swagasaurus Run. Every other game will give you 2SB for a total of 10SB. If you do this every day for a year, you’ll have earned $36.50!



11. SwagButton: You will earn 1SB per day just by having this on your toolbar in your browser. Go to “Swagbutton” under “Quick Links” and click “Add the Swagbutton”, and it’ll be added to your Google Chrome browser. It is available for Firefox, as well. The Swagbutton is incredibly handy. If you’re shopping online, the toolbar will notify you and ask if you’d like to activate “Shop & Earn” to earn cash back on purchases. If the website you’re browsing has any coupons or deals, the Swagbutton will let you know!



 Additionally, you receive Swag code alerts that you can only claim if you have the Swagbutton installed on your browser. Swag codes are simply codes you redeem for Swagbucks.



12. Coupons: This is underneath the “discover” tab. If you print and use coupons through Swagbuck‘s Coupon Database, you’ll earn 10SB for every coupon that you redeem! I haven’t done this option YET, but it sounds pretty great if you’re REALLY into coupons. Right now, there are over $700 worth of savings I could print out!



13. Swag Codes: This is right next to the search bar at the top of Swagbucks’ website. Every day (sometimes multiple times a day), Swagbucks will release Swagbucks that you can enter on the website or on the app. Most of the time, it’s 2-6SBs. Just hover over this button to put in the Swag Code.



14. Main Page: There are options on the main page that I believe are hard to find underneath their designated category. My favorite is “laptop guy” AKA “take a discovery break”. You can usually do this many times and even have it running in the background while you’re doing other tasks on the internet.



15. Inbox: Sometimes Swagbucks will send you a message through your inbox with ways to earn even MORE Swagbucks or ways that you might have missed otherwise!



16. Swagstakes: You can even spend SB towards “swagstake” (sweepstake) entries! There’s always an exciting sweepstake going on, and most only cost 1-10SB per entry.



Whew! I think I covered everything that Swagbucks offers! Now let’s get to those rewards I know y’all are dying to hear about…

After you earned a couple dollars worth (or more!) of Swagbucks, you’re going to want to spend them in the Rewards Store. There is a plethora of gift cards to purchase, as well as charities you can donate to.



In most cases, $1 = 100SB. Sometimes there will be a sale on certain gift cards, like the Virtual Universal Prepaid Mastercard on the left-hand corner in the image above. Every month, you can also get 12% off your first gift card redemption! In other words, you only have to spend 2200SB to get a $25 gift card. That’s like getting $3 free!



Don’t forget to PIN this for later or to share with your friends. I’m sure they would love to hear of a way to earn extra money to fill up their gas tank or to purchase Christmas presents!

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