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Everyone, whether they are parents are not, need a planner. It’s something I would consider a necessity. Even if it’s just a dry erase board or a memo on your cell phone, you need to be scheduled. I’m the kind of person who has to make plans! If it’s not scheduled at least a day or two in advance, chances are…I won’t do it – especially if it involves my child. With Dotmine Planners, you can keep yourself scheduled and disciplined without sacrificing style!
About Dotmine Planners
It all started with a simple “dot” back in 2000 and a commitment to reclaim our lives, while helping you do the same.

A serendipitous meeting in a London pub had given us the idea, and phase 2 of our careers was under way. Our corporate days — one of us pitching underwear and the other pitching laundry detergent — were far behind. We had become entrepreneurs, backed by supportive husbands and eventually, seven fabulous children.

Today, we have more dots and a lot of loyal customers, including those who’ve grown from students to professionals and parents with us.

At dotmine, our philosophy is simple: create fashionable, functional and affordable day planners to help individuals and families organize busy lives. We start with great art … fun, elegant and sometimes funky. Then, we arrange and design the contents of our planners to serve families, students and professionals.


For my review, I was kindly delivered the life_time.mine planner in the Renee style. Plum is one of my favorite colors, and I was so happy to be able to write my plans out in a planner that is plum. This design is inspired by the beautiful soprano, Renee Fleming…and designed by Ann Arbor’s Renee Rodriguez. 

Size: 7 x 9 inches
17-month planners, September – January
Modern cover designs are printed on a durable leather
Monthly and weekly planning pages on crisp white paper
Perfect bound with ribbon
Back pocket holds papers in place
Unique master schedule and planning guide
Personal roadmap and life organizational pages included
Work notes pages to keep you on track and in charge
 life_time.mine features weekly planning pages with plenty of room to write. I remember my agenda books when I was in elementary/middle school. Teachers would expect you to write a dang novel in a 2″ x 2″ box. That’s not realistic. I love that this planner graciously allots you that room you need!

The life_time.mine planner is also GREAT for college students! I am attending pre-nursing school in the spring, and I already know I’m going to be loaded down with assignments. Unlike my last year and a half of college, I will plan out everything instead of procrastinating! 

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  1. says

    Planner are a great way of keeping track of things. I have a planner, a small notebook in my bag and I use the memo pad on the phone. I still forget some things 🙂

    Visiting from Mingle Monday bloghop!

    The Twerp and I

  2. says

    I love planners they get my life organized. Dotmine Planners has so many cute styles, my favorite is the Fifth Avenue one! Here from the Mingle Monday and a new follower!

  3. says

    I really like the Family Planner… and the Granny Smith design.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

    ~Ola Jaggers
    okj83 at live dot com

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    Just wanted to let you know, the button for your RSS feed takes you to feedburner email subscriber. I had to manually go to Google and add you to my reader!

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    I love the Day planners/calendars to organize busy families to be more specific my favorite is the Blue Dots 🙂

    green_eyed_princesss at msn dot com

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    After looking over all of them, I think the floating leaves family time.mine would work best for me.
    cinderwhims at gmail dot com

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