Diaper Buddys – BottomBumpers One Size Side Snapping AIO – REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – Ends 10/4

I’ve been using cloth diapers off and on since March. They are much cuter and more stylish than their disposable counterparts. Unfortunately, I’m still not able to complete my switch to strictly cloth diapers…however, I plan to by the time I have my next child. One place I plan on shopping at for my future cloth diapers is Diaper Buddys
About Diaper Buddys
Our mission is to provide the highest quality cloth organic diapers and other environmentally friendly items. Our diapers are one of the trimmest, most absorbent All-in-One diapers out there.  Your have come to the right place if you are tired of upsizing clothes to fit overy bulky, awkward diapers! Our high quality US made diapers have solid PUL outers, Organic Cotton lining with Organic Bamboo Velour Topped Organic Cotton Snap in Soakers.  All snaps are hidden from babies delicate skin. Unlike other diapers, ours are very trim everywhere, especially the legs.  They lay flat on their bodies making the diaper easy to fit regular jeans and clothes over. Our diapers are made and sold by Work-at-home mothers in the USA! We are committed to serving you and your baby as well as our earth!
For my review, I received the BottomBumpers One Size Side Snapping All in One Cloth Diaper in Iceland. This is different than other diapers I’ve tried out. Snaps are a new thing to me…but I’m glad I got the chance to review them! Snaps are now my new best friend! Not to mention, the color is just too cute. It can be used for both little boys and little girls.
Bottombumpers One Size Side Snapping All in One Diaper is our *NEW* adjustable multi-size diaper. Made with the same great durable waterproof soft outer. They are line with certified Organic Cotton.
A snap in absorbent soaker is included with each diaper. The soaker can be shifted forward and back to fit the size you need. Our soakers are 4 layers Organic Cotton and topped with Bamboo Velour.
To adjust your one size diaper, we have developed a unique snap down color coded system under the soaker of our diaper. Lift up your soaker and snap down the green studs to the various colors to adjust to the size you need.

Features of the BottomBumpers One Size Side Snapping AIO:

  • High quality Polyurethane Laminated (PUL) Knit Outer – The PUL is soft and stretchy, just like advertised. I was amazed at how many sizes this diaper covers. It’s also great on my daughter’s sensitive skin.
  • Hidden Wing Snaps on Side Snapping Diaper – This diaper keeps the wing snaps concealed inside the PUL and lining, so it doesn’t touch baby’s sensitive skin. It also does not leave any unsightly red marks.
  • Quality Polyresin Snaps – The high quality industrial strength polyresin snaps are backed with a hidden extra layer of fabric for extra strength and durability.
  • Certified Organic Cotton and Bamboo Materials – This great diaper is made from certified 100% organic cotton lining and snap-in soak material. The soakers are also topped with a high quality Organic Bamboo Valour, which is really soft.
  • Quick Dry Snap-In Soakers – The soakers are bi-fold and snap-in for quick drying. All snaps are hidden on the soaker. 
  • AbsorbentThis diaper has been tested and will withstand 16oz+ before leaking.  Testing was done on a diaper with no added doubler that was well broken in by being used and washed for 4 months! 
  • Made In The USA – BottomBumpers is a family owned business that is owned and operated in the USA. They are made by contracted seamstresses in smoke free and pet free sewing studios.

 My thoughts? I thought the diaper felt rather soft on the inside. I know her tushie felt so comfortable with cotton padding it. I first tested it out during the day. It held up for about 3 hours before she decided to give me another test. Does this diaper wash well after getting pooped in? I was so nervous! I didn’t want the diaper to be permanently stained! I put it in the washer by itself and ran the cycle like I normally would for a cloth diaper. I poured in half of the recommended application of oxygen bleach from Tropical Traditions. AHHHH!!! I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN I PULLED IT OUT FROM THE WASHER! It STAYED white. I was ECSTATIC! 
I was so pleased that it passed two tests. Now onto the biggest test of all…OVERNIGHT. As I went to pick her up from her crib the next morning, I noticed that the diaper didn’t leak! Thank goodness! I didn’t have to change her crib sheets. When I removed the diaper, I was so thrilled to see that there were no red marks on her legs. The inserts and the diaper itself kept the moisture of her urine away from her private areas and her legs. So pleased!
The BottomBumpers One Size Side Snapping AIO comes in a wide variety of bright and vivid colors. I had a hard time choosing which color I preferred! 
One EXTREMELY lucky Beautifully BellaFaith reader is going to win a 3-pack of BottomBumpers One Size Side Snapping AIO Cloth Diapers! That is a $68.85 retail value!

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    They look great! I love the orchid and carnation colors! What a wonderful review. Would love to try them out on my two little girls!

    suzrevell at gmail dot com

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