Dial Foaming Hand Soap Review

Ah, the Holidays! This is the time of year where friends and family gather around to celebrate togetherness. If you’re having a Christmas party, like me, you know that it will be filled with delicious entrees, delectable desserts and a scrumptious ham…as well as germs. Guests will more than likely be touching the same serving spoons and doorknobs. With Dial, your guests can wash their hands using adorable antibacterial foaming hand wash!

I received two adorable, decorative bottles of Dial’s Foaming Hand Soap. These are perfect to display in the kitchen or in the bathroom, where germs gather the most. Guests will be attracted to these ridiculously cute bottles of hand soap, that they might ask if they could take one home! My favorite is the Santa Clause bottle, while Bella’s is the Christmas Tree one. She adores Christmas Trees, but cannot stand Santa Clause. Weird, I know…

Not only are the bottles alluring, but they smelled heavenly and oh so pleasant. After washing my hands using the Santa Clause hand soap, my hands came out really clean. I was confident to walk out of my bathroom door without (as many) germs on them. The bottles contain Dial Complete’s #1 doctor recommended antibacterial foaming hand wash. This formula kills 99.99% of germs! That’s almost perfect! 

Dial offers two other designs that are equally as inviting – Frosty the Snowman and Candy Cane designs. Why not grab them all?! These would additionally make great Secret Santa gifts, as well as stocking stuffers for your college kid for his or her dorm room for the Holidays!

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