Daily Goodie Box Review!

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


If you haven’t been able to tell already, I love trying out new products. It gives me the opportunity to go beyond big brand products and see what else is out there from smaller companies. One way to do that is by joining a subscription box program. Subscription boxes allows consumers to test out products they wouldn’t normally try, mainly due to never hearing about them. One subscription box that I’ve been enjoying is Daily Goodie Box.

The difference between Daily Goodie Box and traditional subscription boxes is that it’s FREE. Yup, that’s right…you’re sent a box of free samples to try out just by becoming a member and giving your thoughts on the products you receive.



I was shocked over how many items were included in my Daily Goodie Box! It was like I hit the jackpot with new ‘goodies’ to try! I couldn’t wait to delve in and see what struck my fancy.



One of the items that I received was a little sample of All Good Organic Coconut Oil. I’m obsessed with coconut oil. It has so many incredible uses, with one of them being for skin care. I used this sample of coconut oil after I stepped out of the shower and rubbed it all over my arms, as they seem to require the most moisture. I am definitely interested in getting a bigger jar of this!



Another item included in our Daily Goodie Box is a few samples of Alsa Flavored Energy Drink Mixes. This is especially useful for my boyfriend who works third shift. It keeps him awake, alive and energized!



Additionally, I received a tube of Benecos Natural Lipgloss. The color is absolutely stunning and compliments my skin tone beautifully. I can’t wait to use this when I visit my family next month!



We also received Bhakti Chai, which includes 14 pyramid tea bags. I don’t drink chai tea, but I’m definitely giving this to my friend when I go to TN next month to see what she thinks of it!



Another item we got from the box was Wild Foods Cocotropic!



One of my favorite items in this box was the Gertrude Hawk Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter bar! It has so much flavor and is just the right blend of chocolate and peanut butter. I love snapping off a piece or two whenever I’m craving something sweet at night.



Another product that I received and couldn’t wait to pop into my oven was Miss Jones Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix! The mix is made with organic ingredients and has no trans fats or hydrogenated oils. I’m not really craving sweets this pregnancy, but every now and then, I love to bake some goods. This cookie mix is perfect for whenever my sweet tooth comes knocking at my door!



One of my favorite items that I received in the Daily Goodie Box is this bag of Pipcorn! At only 81 calories per bag, I don’t feel guilty about snacking on the entire bag. It’s packed with tremendous flavor, and I devoured it all in no time flat.



Another product that I received that was great for Dennis was two sample packs of Run Performance Gum. He’s able to get a much-needed boost of energy for his late night shift.



 Last, but not least, we received a Savant Naturals Savi Crisp Dessert Protein Bar in Chocolate. When you’re watching what you eat and going to the gym regularly, you deserve something that’s quenches your sweet tooth, as well as provides nutrition that you need. The Savi Crisp Dessert Protein Bar has 15g of protein and 7g of fiber! It’s gluten-free and has no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.



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