Celsius – Your Calorie Reducing Drink! Review


It’s no secret that I’m trying to lose weight. Granted, I’m not considerably overweight, which makes it a bit tougher to shed the pounds. I’ve tried every measure under the sun, but to no avail. Either I’m unable to maintain the routine (both nutrition and exercise), can’t stand the nasty taste, etc. I’ve recently stumbled upon this AMAZING new way to BURN calories!

I received a nifty lunch tote filled with Celsius drinks and mixes. One of the flavors that I was surprised to see was the Sparkling Cola flavor. To me, Cola equals unhealthy. However, Celsius has turned a previously unhealthy choice into one that not only is healthy, but will aide in BURNING calories! It is clinically proven to increase and maintain your energy. I suffer from chronic fatigue, so anything and everything helps!

My boyfriend and I tested out each flavor, and we both have our personal faves. Mine was obviously the Sparkling Cola. It provided a thrist quenching taste, along with vitamins enriched in the drink. It even REDUCES body fat! While I can’t say that I’ve lost any weight from drinking the Celsius drinks, I can state that I have felt more energized. Usually, I take a small nap after Isabella eats breakfast in the morning, but for the past few days – I’ve been staying awake. It’s safe to say that Celsius was more than likely the culprit in my boosted energy. 

My boyfriend’s favorite was between the Green Tea and Wild Berry. He’s one of those guys that loves anything Green Tea, and this was no exception. He certainly doesn’t lack energy, as he is a professional wrestler, but he did notice MORE energy. He told me that he felt like he was able to put MORE effort into his matches.

I was also sent three packets of Orange Flavor Drink Mix. You can mix this into a bottle of water and take it with you on the go! This is perfect for when you’re working out at the gym, walking around the mall or grocery shopping. Not only does it improve endurance, but it tastes DELICIOUS! It also burns up to 100 calories per serving! 

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