Somesault Snack Co. – Review & Giveaway – Ends 11/26

About Somersault Snack Co."Somersaults are the result of our quest to create healthy, tasty snacks for people who want more than just empty nutrition. What followed was a philosophy and lifestyle that adds joy and delicious goodness to your everyday life. We invite you to share in the unexpected pleasures that Somersaults offer, with crunch, zing and a little zest for ... Read More

HK Anderson Pretzels – Review and Giveaway – Ends 8/29

Pretzels have always been my favorite snack of all time. I'm always on a quest for new pretzels, especially all natural ones. Since I'm trying to switch to a healthier and greener lifestyle, that means I have to change my snacks, as well. HK Anderson has all-natural pretzels that even the most discriminating palette will enjoy. About HK Anderson Pretzels "Decades ago, German ... Read More

Funky Monkey Snacks – Review and Giveaway – CLOSED!

Funky Monkey Snacks is a line of freeze-dried fruit that are 100% natural, 100% real fruit, and 100% DELICIOUS! Each 1oz bag contains 3 servings of fruit. Their "fruit that crunches" provides the ultimate snack, fusing the great taste, smell, and nutritional goodness of fresh fruit with the crunch and convenience of conventional snacks. Funky Monkey Snacks are all-natural with ... Read More