One Bath&Body – Review

Bath time is me time, and I love to pamper myself just for 15 minutes out of the day. One Bath and Body products are perfect for an at-home spa day (or minutes).About One Bath and Body A new standard of green.Β  One beautiful world begins with conscientious living. And conscientious living means preventing waste to save the planet, helping us all live more beautifully. ONE is ... Read More

NeoStrata – Review

About NeoStrata"NeoStrata Company, Inc. located in Princeton, NJ, develops and markets a comprehensive range of clinically-proven, dermatologist developed skin care brands including NeoStrata, Exuviance, CoverBlend, NeoCeuticalsNeoStrata Therapeutics. Our advanced therapeutic and cosmetic dermatological products feature unsurpassed Polyhydroxy Acid technology to meet the ... Read More

L’uvalla – Review and Giveaway – Ends 7/22

Despite my efforts to 'go green', I have forgotten about myself. I find all sorts of organic and natural products for my daughter, but when it comes to finding some for myself...I'm blind. I, too, don't want or welcome nasty chemicals to come into contact with my skin. Thankfully, there's L'uvalla. A 100% natural skin care company.About L'uvalla"L’uvalla (loo-VA-la) means love ... Read More

SmartShield – Review

It's Summertime in Memphis (Home of the Blues! Birthplace of Rock n' Roll!), and it's time to lather up the sunscreen. But, out for what sunscreen you put on your skin. A lot of sunscreen brands actually don't do any good at all! In fact, they do more harm than anything. SmartShield is highly effective, and it is eco-friendly!About SmartShield In 1992, their family ... Read More

Bodycology – Review

Pampering myself is a rare occasion nowadays. With a toddler who runs faster than I do, it's hard to take time out for myself. Whenever I do have time for myself, I like to make it completely worth it! Bodycology has a vast selection of skin care products that can make you feel beautiful again!Β About Bodycology Founded in 2003, Dallas-based Advanced Beauty Systems, Inc., is one ... Read More

Nutra Sonic Face Brush – Review

If there's one thing my grandma taught me, it's that you are never too young to prevent looking old. I've used anti-wrinkle cream to prevent wrinkles from even occurring, not to remove them. I know when I'm older, I will desire to look years younger. While I'm not exactly looking to look younger than I am now, cause I look like I'm 16...but I do want my skin to be healthy. The ... Read More

Udderly Smooth – Review and Giveaway – Ends 7/12

I, like most other women, love their skin to be smooth and soft. Rough skin can leave me feeling embarrassed and self-conscious. Since I suffer from keratosis pilaris, my skin is rougher than most others, and I have to try really hard to make it even remotely smooth. My upper arms and the top of my thighs are the roughest parts on my body, and I'd LOVE to find a way to soften ... Read More

Skin MD Naturals Review and Giveaway – CLOSED

Skin MD Natural sent me their Natural Shielding Lotion to review, and I glad they did! My hands are actually soft as a baby's bottom...but my feet and arms, not so much. I suffer from keratosis pilaris and although their Natural Shielding Lotion did not cure made my arms feel a lot smoother. What else do I love about Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion? The fact ... Read More