Failed NSTs, Medically Necessary Induction, Back Labor, Oh My! – Juliana’s Birth Story

All throughout the duration of infertility journey, as well as my pregnancy, I dreamt of what my labor and delivery would be like. I pictured myself giving birth in a birthing center made to feel like home. ... going into labor on my own without the need for being induced. ... being able to labor freely with no restrictions on position or location. ... toughing out ... Read More

5 Important Reasons to NOT Be Induced

Pregnancy tends to go rather slowly, but the last month feels like 34 months. We get anxious to meet our little ones. We guess their hair color, eye color, skin complexion, weight, height, and if they'll have all ten fingers and all ten toes. While there are definitely appropriate reasons to opt for an induction (such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia), there ... Read More