My Child Did Exist… | What Not to Say to Someone Who Had an Early Miscarriage

I'll never forget my midwife sorrowfully revealing the bad news that I was already aware of. "You miscarried. Baby didn't grow." She said a bunch of other things trying to comfort me and give me a safe place to unleash my emotions, but honestly, my memory of that day is foggy at best. Heck, I might have even misquoted her above... All I remember was losing my baby. My ... Read More

Failed NSTs, Medically Necessary Induction, Back Labor, Oh My! – Juliana’s Birth Story

All throughout the duration of infertility journey, as well as my pregnancy, I dreamt of what my labor and delivery would be like. I pictured myself giving birth in a birthing center made to feel like home. ... going into labor on my own without the need for being induced. ... being able to labor freely with no restrictions on position or location. ... toughing out ... Read More

39 Week BUMPdate – Baby Has a Name!

Baby is the size of a jackfruit! Bigger than a pumpkin and growing more every day! All that baby’s been up to this week: – Although many babies have less, baby could have up to an inch of hair on her head by now. – Baby probably weighs around 7-8lbs this week! – The skin coming in beneath baby’s fetal skin is baby-soft, but it may also be a little ... Read More

My DIY Maternity Photo Shoot with Bella!

It only took me 38 weeks and 4 days to finally set my butt in motion to take my own maternity photos. I knew I wanted them done, and I knew I would regret it if I didn’t do them. Unfortunately, professional maternity photos just aren’t in our budget, so I brought my outdated, yet still fancy DSLR and tripod outside for a fun, sentimental maternity photo shoot with my 7 year old ... Read More

38 Week BUMPdate – DIY Maternity Shoot

Baby is the size of a pumpkin! Bigger than swiss chard and growing more every day! All that baby’s been up to this week: – When you’re changing baby’s first diaper, you’ll be changing out waste she’s accumulating right now. – Baby’s lanugo is mostly gone, though some parents may notice remnants on their newborn. – As baby gets closer to her birthday, more of the vernix ... Read More

33 Week BUMPdate – Baby Has Dropped?

Baby is the size of a durian fruit! Bigger than a jicama and growing more every day! All that baby’s been up to this week: – Baby has eyebrows to raise and furrow. – Amniotic fluid doesn’t provide the best visibility, but baby’s sense of sight continues to develop. – Baby’s bones continue to get harder as her birthday gets closer and closer. – Baby’s eyes can now detect ... Read More

Why I Chose a Midwife Over an Obstetrician – Midwife vs. OB

Pregnancy and motherhood introduces a multitude of decisions that need to be made. Breast milk or formula? Disposable diapers or cloth diapers? Carrier or stroller? Then there’s midwife or obstetrician… With my first pregnancy, I was under the care of an obstetrician. With this pregnancy, I’ve been under the care of a midwife. I’m here to tell you that their ... Read More

32 Week BUMPdate – Is She Still Breech or Not?!

Baby is the size of a jicama! Bigger than a coconut and growing more every day! All that baby’s been up to this week: – Baby keeps sucking her thumb, which prepares her for breastfeeding. – Baby keeps lowering herself into the birthing position, ideally with her head facing down. – Baby weighs about 4lbs this week (ours weighs more :p). – Baby keeps developing her brain ... Read More

I Was Mrs.Jumbo – My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Review

A heartbeat is something that most take for granted. It’s what we expect to hear a few weeks after our pregnancy tests turn positive. I never imagined the trials and buckets of tears I had to endure in order to hear my second daughter’s heartbeat. You see, I am 1 in 8 women who struggle with infertility. Most of us grew up watching the classic Disney film – Dumbo. Little ... Read More