10 Must-See Pantries That’ll Have You Thinking “Why Didn’t I Think of That?”

Out of all of the areas in my house, the pantry is the part that I want to re-do the most. My pantry was built by my grandpa, and all it is is sheets on wood put together to look like shelves. It's not very sturdy, and truthfully, I can only reach the bottom three shelves. Short girl problems. While searching through Pinterest, Houzz and other websites, I put a list of my dream ... Read More

50 Organizational Tips That’ll Make You Go Ah-Ha Part 2 — How to Organize Your Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom and Beyond!

After almost 18 months, I have decided to compile a "Part 2" to my super popular 30 Organizational Tips post. If you're an organization nut, you're sure to enjoy the following tips and ideas! I've even included links where you can conveniently purchase items included at no extra cost to you. ... Credit: None found Using this method to organize spices allows you to save ... Read More

MOTHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE: Savvycents – Best Wallet Organizer – Organize Cash & Coupons in a FASHIONABLE Way

I don't claim to be an extreme coupon. Heck, I don't even consider myself to be all that frugal. I want to be, though!! Yes, I have a coupon binder, but I don't leave the house with it. Why? Because it's heavy...and it takes so long to find which coupons I need. I'm also not too fond of the weird looks people give to couponers. -_- This results in spending the exact retail ... Read More