The Juppy Giveaway

The Juppy Review and Giveaway!Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this review for your chance to win a FREE Juppy, and share with your friends who have young children so they can have a chance to win too!Beautifully BellaFaith has previously reviewed The Juppy, and we loved it! Definitely a cool item to have for those whose babies are learning to walk! This product is a ... Read More

Week #1 – Win This Bag! Fendi Spy Bag Giveaway

  Welcome to Week #1 of Win This Bag sponsored by HipSwaphosted by Sidetracked Mom’s Blog“Win This Bag” is a 6-week event that will feature 6 weekly giveaways. There will be one designer handbag given away every week! Each bag will be an authentic, recognizable designer brand such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Coach, or Fendi. Our 6th week will feature a highly coveted designer ... Read More

My Embroidered Gifts Review & Giveaway [Ends 7/17]

If you waltz into Isabella's room, you will discover that her name is plastered everywhere. I named her Isabella because I loved the name, obviously! Not only does it mean beautiful and not only does it sound beautiful, but it LOOKS beautiful, too! I believe every child should have his or her own name monogrammed on at least one item in their lifetime. Whether it be a towel, ... Read More

Another chance to win a PottyCover! [Ends 7/9]

 JONS TO GO let me introduce you to... Potty CoverDuring the demolition and reconstruction of our bathroom the contractor had a portable potty delivered. This gave me the chance to try these Potty Covers out on it. Most parents cringe at having their little children use the portable bathroom. I want to say that the company we used maintains the bathrooms well. I have seen them ... Read More

Copy-Kids Review & Giveaway [Ends 7/8]

Do your children have an aversion to fruits and veggies? Do they shutter at the mere thought of tomatoes or apples? Isabella devours fruit but is a bit more apprehensive about vegetables. She loves potatoes, green beans/peas, spinach and certain beans. However, she refuses to eat broccoli and zucchini. I received a copy of Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables DVD to review. ... Read More

MoBoleez – The BEST Nursing Cover Ever! – Review & Giveaway [Ends 7/9]

Breast milk is one of the greatest gifts a mother can give to her precious bundle of joy. Unfortunately, I fell into the "booby traps" set up by the hospital and was unable to successfully breastfeed. With baby number two, I plan on giving birth at a birthing center as opposed to a hospital. Breastfeeding is a lot more likely to be supported. There are so many health benefits ... Read More

Potty Cover – Disposable Toilet Seat Covers for Kids – Review & Giveaway [Ends 7/7]

WARNING! WARNING! POTTY TRAINING HAS STARTED. Isn't that how most moms feel? We're excited about beginning the long process, but we're also quite nervous and apprehensive. Isabella has been showing all of the signs and even says "ew ew ew" when she has a dirty diaper.  I recently discovered a product that has now become my best friend. PottyCover!Such a simple invention, yet ... Read More

Print Runner Business Card Giveaway [Ends 6/27]

About Print Runner" was established with little more than a small press and a dream. Ten years later our company became one of the foremost quality printers in Southern California. Our commitment to provide the best value and high quality full color printing at affordable price made our company grow.  PrintRunner is a full service high quality printing ... Read More

Tropical Traditions’ Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil – Review & Giveaway [Ends 6/21]

"Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is made from organic, fresh coconuts in rural areas of the Philippines. Only the highest quality organic coconuts are hand selected for use in our Gold Label brand, and the pure coconut water from inside the coconut is used to extract the coconut milk using traditional methods. Small-scale family businesses produce this oil ... Read More

The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Picture Puzzles, Volume 2 , Puzzle Baron’s Sudoku and Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzles, Volume 2 – Review & Giveaway [Ends 6/16]

My mom and I are puzzle freaks. You can find us on the couch with a word search puzzle book in each of our hands. It was fun for us. It was our bonding time.I was able to review two puzzle books from Puzzle Baron - Puzzle Baron's Sudoku and Puzzle Baron's Logic Puzzles, Volume 2. When I first glanced through the pages of each book, I was a little intimidated. I thought, "can I ... Read More