My Gym Bag Essentials on a Budget

I consider myself lucky. I have a [small] gym in my basement with weights, benches and a treadmill. Even though my finances don't allow for me to have a gym membership, I still manage to get a workout in at least three times a week. Packing my gym bag is a breeze. I only bring the essentials with me so I'm not loaded down with a bunch of random items, making it difficult to ... Read More

I’m an #OmronPedometer 30 Day 10,000 Step Challenge Ambassador!

I am so excited to share with y'all that out of over 700 bloggers who applied, I was chosen as 1 of 15 bloggers to be an #OmronPedometer 30 Day 10,000 Step Challenge Ambassador! Every day from July 29th til August 30th, I will be attempting to meet and/or beat my daily quota of 10,000 steps. This is such a fantastic opportunity, as I'm currently on the quest to lose 41lbs. I ... Read More

Aurorae Yoga Capri Yoga/Running Pants Review

  If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you know I'm struggling to lose weight. It's like every 2-3 months, the scale goes up another 10lbs. I know what I'm doing wrong, and it's so difficult for my brain to refuse those certain things (ie: Coca-Cola and Hawaiian Rolls). However, I have decided to put 100% of myself into my weight loss journey after I ... Read More

How a Motivation Wall Can Help You Shed Unwanted Pounds

If you one of the millions of ladies who desire to get rid of those pesky pounds that make your jeans tighter and breath shorter, maybe you just need a little motivation. A motivation wall is an excellent choice if you want to be reminded daily that you will no longer live an unhealthy lifestyle. I've struggled with my weight ever since my daughter was born, and I just can't ... Read More

List of Free Workout Videos

Just because you don't own a gym membership doesn't mean that you can't workout. Thanks to the internet, you can now exercise with the help of an abundance of YouTube videos. There are SO many out there that I decided to weave through them and provide you with a lengthy list of the ones worth every ounce of sweat! There's no excuses! There's absolutely NO way you're going to be ... Read More

I Got a Gym Membership! (finally)

I am so thrilled to tell y'all that I finally purchased a gym membership. A new gym opened up not too long ago called Planet Fitness. The location is convenient, as it is merely 5 minutes (if that) away. It's seriously just 2-3 streets in front of my house. I heard a lot of negative reviews on Planet Fitness, particularly their stance on powerlifting and bodybuilding. Since I'm ... Read More

pvBody: Lookin’ Good While Shedding Inches!

... I dread the scale, but contradicting enough...I look forward to my weekly weigh-ins. I stepped onto the scale today, and it read 136.4lbs! That means that I am currently 1.2lbs down since my weigh-in last Monday. I've set a goal for myself to get down to 115lbs by the summer. However, my ultimate goal weight is 100lbs (ppppssstt, I'm 5'0"). It's no secret that in order to ... Read More

50 Fitness and Health Tips to Get You Pumped!

Hey guys {woah...did I just substitute guys for y'all?!}! Fitness is one of my favorite topics, and I've been slacking on it lately on my blog. I decided to research and discover 50 fitness tips, healthy {and delicious} food ideas, workouts to try and inspirational messages. in hopes to not only inspire my readers who are struggling with weight loss, but me as well. I've fallen ... Read More

Look Good and Feel Good with Zaggora Hot Pants + Giveaway [CLOSED]

... Baby weight - the majority those that have had babies tend to struggle with losing it. My daughter is almost 2 1/2 years old, and I know that the excuse "I just had a baby!" has run dry. There's no excuses anymore. I need to get up off my rear end and get the weight off once and for all. Unfortunately, over the past year or so since I've been actively attempting to shed ... Read More