13 Ocean Themed Crafts for Kids!

Arts and crafts has taken over my life ever since my daughter was old enough to pick up a marker and a paint brush. Now that she's 7, she's become a mini craft queen. Always wanting to do a dozen and a half crafts during the weekend! She's shown interest in ocean animals, so I thought I would browse for ocean themed crafts for kids that seem easy enough to do. Here are 13 ... Read More


Can you believe that Easter is this Sunday? It feels like this year is flying by right before my greenish blue eyes. Although Easter is about WAY more than bunnies and eggs, it is still fun to get crafty. I've partnered with PEEPS & COMPANY® to bring you a chick-a-deelicious craft that the kids can get involved with, along with a giveaway at the end you'll be hoppy ... Read More

30+ Fabulous Christmas Ideas

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy these adorable Christmas crafts and yummy Christmas recipes for you and your family.         Credit: Go.com       Credit: Olives and Pickles   Make a Christmas tree out of felt and use buttons as ornaments for a counting ... Read More

Beautifully BellaFaith’s Top Crafts of the Week

Crafting is one of the world's most popular hobbies. All of the glue, scissors, fabric and little oddities around the house can create a masterpiece. I have decided to dig through crafts I found on the internet to provide you the TOP and the BEST of the week. How precious is this? Make your own tooth receipt so you and your child can remember when they lost it!In the spirit of ... Read More