Moms! Boost Your Instagram Engagement with These Hashtags!

Are you a mom blogger, vlogger or a mom who enjoys simply posting amazing photos of their kids on Instagram? Are you wondering why you're not getting the killer engagement you want with boring, over-saturated hashtags like #mom or #kids? I've been there. I would perform all the magic tricks available trying to receive a decent amount of likes and comments. Even after ... Read More

5 Facebook Groups That Will Help Grow Your Blog!

You created your own blog. You came up with a name, registered for a domain, found hosting, and have a layout design that is a perfect fit. You also have a few blog posts and social media shares under your belt. Bravo! That's a HUGE step in the right direction. You might be wondering what's next. What else can you do to grow your blog and allow it to become successful? One ... Read More

August 2015 Blog Statistics and Earnings Report

I have been wanting to do a monthly statistics and earnings report, but being the procrastinator that I stayed in draft form until the middle/end of the month when I finally just deleted it. August was quite the busy month, as I was prepping for my move 1,100 miles away from everything that I have ever known -- to NYC. Even though I was incredibly assiduous during the ... Read More

5 Reasons Why I Love My Media Kit

If you're a serious blogger, you know what a media kit is. It's basically your resume. It's what brands and sponsors look at to determine if you are a right fit for their campaign or to represent them [for sponsored posts, ambassadorships, conferences, etc]. My first media kit is laughable at best because I did not abide by the "less is more" rule. I used my [then] signature ... Read More

Blogger Opportunities – A Detrement to the Review Blog World

> ... If you've been around the blogosphere block, you'll understand why a lot of bloggers are growing frustrated with the new "free/paid opps" trend. Once upon a time, paid opps meant that YOU were the one getting paid...not someone else. While the trend is very tempting to take part in, new bloggers must steer clear. Why? Because it is damaging review/giveaway blogs ... Read More

Giveaway Listing Sites – Where I Go

My giveaways do pretty well considering I'm not a "big" blogger...yet. I list mine in numerous places, and I thought I should pass my list to my readers who run their own giveaways on their respective blogs. Below is a list that I compiled. I hope you receive lots of entries in your current and future giveaways. Some of the listing sites may require you to place a reciprocal ... Read More