Cate and Levi Introduces Six NEW Puppets!

My daughter has reached the age where she is starting to pretend. Her favorite things to pretend to be are animals, especially wild animals that she doesn’t see too often. Cate and Levi has introduced six new animal puppets to their mass selection of hand puppets. We have reviewed a hand puppet from Cate and Levi before, and Isabella still plays with it. This time, we received the elephant hand puppet, and it did NOT disappoint!

The elephant hand puppet is of super high quality. This is not like the puppets you and I grew up with. I remember how itchy it was whenever I slipped my hand into a puppet when I was a child. That is not the case with Cate and Levi’s puppets. The reclaimed wool material is especially soft, which is important to me due to my daughter’s sensitive skin. Isabella loves to place her hand inside the elephant puppet, raise it’s trunk and make that well-known elephant sound.

What I love the most about these puppets is that they are unique! Each one is a little bit different, just like children (especially my child!).

Cate and Levi are also offering  five other new and super adorable animal hand puppets:

Cate and Levi hand puppets are perfect for a child’s birthday, Christmas or just because!

You can purchase the elephant hand puppet from Cate and Levi for $25.

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