Brushing Bella’s Hair is Now Easier with Milk + Sass!

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


My daughter has long hair.

I mean…REALLY long hair. Past her bottom.

Brushing it out every morning and every night can turn into a hassle. She’s not exactly tender-headed like I was as a child (and still am), but there are some tangles that causes her great discomfort to brush out. I was looking for a way to brush the tangles out of her hair quickly and as painless as possible. That’s when I came across Milk + Sass Macaron for Hair.



Milk + Sass’ Macaron for Hair is a detangling brush and compact mirror compact that is the shape of – you guessed it – a macaron! This detangling brush isn’t just adorable, but it works like a charm.



Macaron for Hair is compact enough to fit easily inside even the smallest of purses and clutches. Whether you need to fix your own hair in between a dinner and movie date…or fix your daughter’s hair at church, this detangling brush can be with you at all times without taking up lots of space in your purse like a traditional brush.



Thanks to the radial bristles pattern on the Macaron for Hair, I was able to brush through my daughter’s tangles in half the time it normally takes without her hair experiencing damaging breakage and tears. Not only are tangles able to be brushed out with ease, it also helps maximize a healthy shine and reduces frizz.

The Macaron for Hair Detangling Brush comes in a variety of “flavors”, including Raspberry (fuschia), Black Licorice Framboise (black), Mint Citron (mint blue), Rose Petal (baby pink), Lavender (lilac) and Lemon Pistachio (yellow).



You can purchase Macaron for Hair via the Milk + Sass website for $15.

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