Brodie, Abbie + Russo Give PetGiftBox Two Paws Up!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary PetGiftBox in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Looking to surprise your pets once a month with yummy treats and fun toys? PetGiftBox is the subscription box service for you! I’m a sucker for subscription boxes, but I found myself immediately gravitated towards PetGiftBox since I knew my dogs would go bow-wow over new treats that we might not have otherwise discovered if it weren’t for PetGiftBox!




My boyfriend and I were impressed that they addressed and labeled the package to our three pooches – Abbie, Brodie and Russo! They’re Australian Cairn Terriers. Abbie and Brodie are siblings, and well…Russo is their son. :X




This is all that was included in the July PetGiftBox package! Wow! I appreciate that you get a lot of bang for your buck. You can go about purchasing a subscription one of four ways:



The $17.99/mo for 12 months is the best value, so I strongly recommend that plan! However, if you’d like to try out one month first before committing to a 12 month plan, you can certainly do that, as well.

The dog boxes also come in three sizes:

Petite Pup (20lbs and under) – this is what we requested
Mid-sized Pup (20-50lbs)
Hefty Hound (50lbs and up)

PetGiftBox also has a box for cats!



In the July PetGiftBox, my dogs received Nathan’s Smoked Beef Flavor Hot Dog Treats, a Li’l Pals Plush Vinyl Toy, Loving Pets Grill-icious All-Natural Chicken Treats, and three nutritional condiments.





These are a few of the Nathan’s Smoked Beef Flavor Hot Dog Treats. All three of my dogs were doing all kinds of different tricks to score one of these bad boys. Of course, they’re like potato chips for dogs. You can’t eat just one, and I think the dogs are slightly addicted now.




Of course, they also couldn’t wait to chew on (read: tear up) the cute toys they received. Russo’s favorite was the hamburger plush! I even caught them snipping at each other to stake their claim.



The hot dog got some love, too!



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