Billion Dollar Brows – Review

My eyebrows have received quite a few compliments. I like to keep them well-groomed, but not over done. The search for brow products seems to never cease. Either the brow liner is too dark or too light…or doesn’t apply easily. If my eyebrows turn red from trying to perfectly place brow liner, it gets two thumbs down from moi. 
I recently came into contact with an awesome brow company appropriately named Billion Dollar Brows.
I was sent a few of their awesome, useful products to review. One was the Brow Boost. This helps restore thin, sparse eyebrows. My eyebrows have the opposite problem. I have to remove excess hair quite often because of my Native American heritage. In contrast, my mom has thin eyebrows. They’re disappearing! I decided to let her test out the Brow Boost.
The Brow Boost is a deep conditioning treatment used to strengthen and condition thin, overly plucked eyebrows. I’m not quite sure if that’s the reason behind my mom’s thinning eyebrows, but she tried it out anyways.
It contains a natural formula with no weird side effects. It is also prostaglandin free. When my mom heard that you will visibly see fuller, thicker eyebrows in 30 days or less, she was ecstatic. Of course, it has not been 30 days yet. Regardless, she has noticed results. Nothing drastic, but it’s only been a little over a week.
My mom is 41-years old, and she is just now starting to notice her face aging. She knows that full, thick eyebrows create a more youthful look. A look she is trying hard to achieve, as I know most women over 40 do.
It is lab tested for skin and eyes, and it passed USA and EU regulations. 
Brow Boost will also even out your eyebrows. This allows for all of your facial features back into focus.

 I also received the Brow Gel. I decided to try this out on my own brows. The Brow Gel helps to give your brows that perfected polished and finished look that we ALL dream of! It is SO easy to apply. All you do is apply the gel with the applicator to keep your stray brows in place.

One of the major pluses of the Brow Gel is that it is guaranteed to not flake! It is made with the highest quality ingredients, which I appreciate and love. 

The Brow Gel can be yours at the affordable price of $15!

Lastly, I reviewed the Brow Powder. This is fantastic when you’re needing to add a bit of color to your brows. My brow color and hair color are not the same. Close, but still…not the same. I require either a brow pencil or brow powder to achieve a matching, manicured look. 

The Brow Powder goes on quite smoothly and appears natural. Apply with an angled brush and blend with spoolie brush. Billion Dollar Brows offers a variety of colors to match every hair color. I received the Taupe color, which matches beautifully. 

The Brow Powder is valued at $16!

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    These products sound like a dream come true. So glad you reviewed it here. My daughter has been looking for a product like Brow Gel . Thanks again for your post.
    Carol L.
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

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