Keeping Stretchmarks at Bay with Belli Skin Care!

Disclosure: I received products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.



Pregnancy is beautiful.

Well…sort of…

If you’re like me, your skin doesn’t want to cooperate during those nine months, whether it be acne, blemishes, dryness, or stretch marks. An updated skin care routine is important during the first trimester, where I tend to be more careful about what I apply to my skin. With Belli Skin Care, I know that my skin is in the best hands, all while making sure that it’s also baby-safe. Their products are allergy-tested, free of artficial dyes or fragrances, phthalates and paraban preservatives. -insert praise emoji here-



Belli’s Pure & Pampered Body Wash makes me feel so refreshed, which is exactly what I need these first few weeks. While morning sickness hasn’t hit full force yet, I can feel it creeping up on me. And let’s not forget the exhausting fatigue I’ve been dealing with! I needed a way to pamper myself and make myself feel like an actual human, and this body wash is just it!

I’ve been using the Pure & Pampered Body Wash for about a week, and it’s become a mainstay in my nightly shower routine (because morning showers are for the birds). The green tea and cucumber extracts are gentle on my already sensitive skin that’s becoming even more sensitive with each passing week. And let’s not forget about the lavender and chamomile! The combo of those two equals pure relaxation! <3



The other product I received to try was Belli’s Elasticity Belly Oil for stretchmark protection. Okay, confession time: I still have stretchmarks from my previous pregnancy…seven years ago. Admittedly, they’re only on my sides and are faded, but they’re there. Just because I have old stretchmarks doesn’t mean I want to add on new ones.



It’s too early in my pregnancy to get new stretchmarks, but it’s never too early to start preventing the onset of them! That’s why I’m adding Belli’s Elasticity Belly Oil to my daily skincare routine. I apply a dab on my tummy, sides, inner thighs, and breasts (all the fun places I got stretchmarks in my first pregnancy) every morning and every night.



Thanks to the blend of vitamin E, gotu kola and lavender oil, this elasticity oil is preparing my growing belly and curvy lady lumps for stretching and all without causing damage. I’m confident that this elasticity belly oil will work, but don’t worry, y’all! I’ll be updating this page, along with my Instagram, on my lack of stretchmark progress.


acne-control-spot-treatment eye-brightening-cream facial-wash lip-calm

In addition to their Pure & Pampered Body Wash and Elasticity Belly Oil, Belli Skin Care also offers other amazing products safe for pregnancy, like their Acne Control Spot Treatment, Eye Brightening Cream, Anti-Bleish Facial Wash, and Sheer Comfort Lip Balm.



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You can purchase the Pure & Pampered Body Wash for $13 and the Elasticity Belly Oil for $34 via Belli Skin Care’s website.

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