Bella’s bedroom (and playroom!)

Here are some photos of my babygirl’s bedroom and playroom. I know I posted pictures from about three months ago, but it has changed a little bit.
Yes…it is VERY messy.
Another picture of her playroom.
A girl can never have too many shoes!
Her crib
Ballerina mobile and “Disney-inspired” drapes
Dresses, nice shirts, and matching shirt/pant sets
Yes…her pants are color coordinated. The drawer below it is all pink pants.
The top of her tall dresser (and my cell phone).
Her Hello Kitty themed letters I bought while I was still pregnant with her!


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    Thanks for stopping by my blog through boost my blog Friday. your blog is adorable and I love your little girls room-especially all of the shoes. She's my kind of girl.


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    Your daughter is just gorgeous. I read your story of her birth…very heartwarming. My daughter is 21 this year and she was my wonderous joy and still is. We are very close and have a wonderful although not always smooth relationship..I am her friend her teacher her confident and her yelling board when life frustrates her…but I am mostly her mum. To list the joys she has given me through her life would take another 20 pages. I wish you the same happinesses I have shared with my daughter…there is no bond more precious than that of a mother and daughter.

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