Beauty9 7-Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set Review

Not all makeup brushes are the same. I figured that out when I first started wearing makeup – at around 12 years old. It wasn’t anything major. Just eyeliner and a bit of powdered foundation to cover up the zits that often accompany pre-teen and teenage years. My mom would always purchase the cheap-o brushes for me. I know, I know. What parent in their right mind would buy anything else for their young daughter who shouldn’t even be wearing makeup in the first place?
As I got older and had my own money, I stayed away from the off-brand cheap-o stuff. Not only did they not spread the foundation across my skin, but it often made me break out because of the cheap material the bristles were made out of. 
Beauty9, as I recently discovered, has top notch makeup brushes with a price that’s not too out of the ballpark.
I was sent their 7-piece Professional Makeup Brush Set to review. It came in a storing pouch that came in a black bag that came in a box! This came across to me that Beauty9 cares about their products arriving undamaged. Speaks volumes! I cannot tell you how many times I have purchased things, and they arrive broken, dented or scratched. 
The black pouch is sturdy and holds each brush individually. There are seven different, but very useful, brushes included.
1 powder brush made from A1 goat hair
1 foundation brush made from nylon bristle
1 lip brush made from sable
1 large eyeshadow brush made from pony
1 small eyeshadow brush made from sable
1 eyebrow brush made from pahmi
1 eyebrow comb/brush made from nylon and stainless steel
Look at how organized they are! When traveling, I will no longer have to worry about my cosmetics flying around in a non-contained bag. I wish I had this when I went on my Florida trip back in June! 
You can purchase Beauty9’s 7-Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set for $49

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