Bath Luve – Luv For The Bath – Review & Giveaway – ENDS 4/28

When my daughter was an itty bitty newborn, I was incredibly worried about bath time. Why? Because newborns and infants can get very cold very easy. This lead to either extremely quick baths or a shivering baby.

I was graciously sent the Bath Luve Duck to review. Even though my daughter is two years old, I found this to come in handy. Before I tried the Bath Luve out, I noticed that she would be shivering towards the end of her bath. No longer will she have to deal with that! A few nights ago, we tried out the Bath Luve. All I had to do was sink it into her warm bath water and place it on her chest. Surprisingly, she let it stay there. I say surprisingly because I honestly thought she would throw it right back in my face… -_-

Not only is the Bath Luve practical; they are undeniably adorable! They come in three different animal designs – duck (which I received and reviewed), fish and frog. I will definitely be purchasing the frog one in the near future for my stepsister who is expecting in May. She’s having a little girl, but who says frogs are only for boys?! 😀

With the Bath Luve, your baby will experience no more tears! Well, at least from being cold anyways. It is made out of 100% cotton and is super soft! It even includes a squirt shield for little boys!! 

This would make a great baby shower gift for a new momma-to-be!

Purchase It:
Each Bath Luve retails for $6.99! A VERY reasonable price!

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