Bambola Beauty – Nature Skin Care Review

Not all beauty products are the same. Although I’m not able to pamper myself as much as I’d like {let’s face it – babies drain your pocketbook faster than you can say broke}, I do like to splurge on myself every so often. Whether it be a vanilla bean frap from Starbucks, a cute pair of jeans at Gordman’s or that eyeshadow I’ve been eyeing for months – it’s perfectly healthy give myself a treat. Bambola Beauty is one of those places I’ve been browsing for quite some time.

For my review, Bambola Beauty kindly sent me their Acai Anti-Oxidant Cleansing Creme and Lip Repair. While I don’t go outside too often due to the extreme heat, I do apply the necessary skin protectants whenever I know that I’ll be going in and out of buildings or cars. You can never be too careful when it comes to the sun’s powerful rays. The Acai Anti-Oxidant Cleanser helps to protect your skin from sun and environmental damage.

I applied the creme onto my face and quickly noticed how smoothly it spread across my cheeks and forehead. I was also grateful to not have to deal with the usual messy and greasy cremes that I am so used to. Seriously, I could feel my skin cooling off from a hot day in a car. Next time I leave my house, I can rest easy knowing that my skin is protected! The highly potent Vitamin C and beta hydroxy-based cleanser wipes away all dead skin cells. As a result of using this cleanser, my other skin care products are allowed to penetrate deeply into my skin.

Everyone has different essentials, and one of mine is lip repair. During the winter months, my lips became very dry and chapped. It seems as if no amount of lip chap does the job. Even though it’s still summer time, I tested out the lip repair onto my lips. I was pleased to feel the renewed moisture on my lips.

You can purchase the Acai Anti-Oxidant Cleanser for $38 and the Lip Repair for $9.


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