5 Baby Shower Registry Must-Haves!

This post and giveaway were made possible by iConnect and Dreft. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.


Baby showers are awesome. Family and friends come to together to celebrate the impending arrival of a precious baby. I have fond memories of my baby shower with my daughter. I felt the incredible support and love from everyone, and I think Isabella did too in utero! 

Now that I’m an “experienced” mother (is that even a thing?), I know what is needed for baby and what is not. Having years of parenting under my belt has made me educated on what products pry on first time young mothers, and what products actually come in handy. 

If you’re expecting a bundle of joy or if you’ll be attending a baby shower in the near future, this list of Baby Shower Registry Must-Haves will definitely come in handy!



1. A nursing pillow – Even if you’re planning to formula feed, a nursing pillow is something that I consider a must-have. A 7 pound newborn may feel light at first, but trust me – your arms will get tired and stiff after holding baby for awhile. 



2. Mittens – Newborn finger nails grow at an astounding rate. Mittens prevent baby from scratching his or her face, as well as Mommy and Daddy. Newborns have little control of their hands, so they can claw their sweet little face if they’re not wearing mittens.



3. Bouncers – Bouncers are a great way to contain and entertain baby while you do a short chore around the house. They’re a relatively inexpensive piece of baby gear that can help a first time mom’s sanity.



4. Activity Gyms – These nifty products help engage your baby with different textures and sounds, and most include a mirror that is sure to be a hit with your youngster. This is an excellent way for baby to get much needed tummy time and to exercise those tiny legs.



5. Dreft products – When you want a gentle detergent for every stage of babyhood, Dreft is the way to go. Dreft is the #1 recommended baby laundry detergent by both pediatricians and dermatologists alike. It’s hypoallergenic and gentle enough on baby’s sensitive skin, yet tough enough to wipe out pesky stains. I swear every single onesie of Bella’s had either a spit-up stain or baby food stain. 



Cleaning baby’s clothes is more than just a household chore. It’s a way to hang on to the precious memories of babyhood that are oh so fleeting. 


Reality TV couple Sean and Catherine Lowe celebrate their pregnancy at the Dreft “Loads of Love” baby shower, Wednesday, April 27, 2016, in New York.  Visit Dreft.com and the brand’s social channels for more information about the couple’s parenting journey.  (Diane Bondareff/Invision for Dreft/AP Images)

Dreft has partnered with “The Bachelor” couple Sean and Catherine Lowe to celebrate them becoming expectant parents. After their baby shower at the end of April, they noted how Dreft Newborn detergent is a must-have! You can watch Sean and Catherine grow as parents and their journey through #Amazinghood by following Dreft via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They will be sharing exclusive content and messy memories.



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