Applecheeks Cloth Diaper Review

I often have friends inquire to me about cloth diapers. Are they worth the cost? Are they really safer for baby and better for the environment? Are they a hassle to clean? The questions I get never cease, but I am more than eager to answer them. Switching from disposable diapers to cloth diapers was one of my better decisions as a mother, especially a young one. The initial cost can be quite intimidating, but the money you save long-term makes it SO worth it. Another question that I often get asked is – what cloth diaper brand is the BEST? Applecheeks, baby!

I received a size 2 Envelope Diaper Cover in Dark Chocolate, along with a Stay-Dry Microterry Insert. It’s been a while since I’ve tested out a new cloth diaper, but I was ready to start the cloth diaper review process! There are many factors that I delve into, like – Is it cute? Does it leave red marks? Is it sized appropriately? Will urine leak through? How about poop? Does it wash well? Does it maintain integrity after more than a few washes?

Size 2 fits babies and toddlers that are approximately within the 18-40lb weight range. My daughter is around 30lbs, and I need a cloth diaper to accompany her growth spurts. With the Applecheeks Envelope Cover, I was able to find the perfect size without any tightness or potential red marks on thighs and waist.  I was able to snap the buttons on the second from the last notch.  I do wish that the cloth diaper would have a higher raise in the front. 

My daughter was quite comfortable in the Applecheeks cloth diaper, more than likely due to the breathable {and waterproof!} polyurethane laminated polyester outer layer and soft and luxurious microfleece inner layer. The fact that the fabric wasn’t rough allowed my daughter to be rough and tumble without being uncomfortable. We live in the South, y’all! Comfort is of TOP priority!

Around the waist and each leg, there is durable elastic. This allows for mom to achieve the PERFECT fit on her little one. We don’t want any urine {or poop} escaping from the confines of a diaper, and I am thankful to say that we experienced NO leakage. We had to switch back to disposables recently for a short amount of time, and I couldn’t believe that she leaked through them on more than one occasion!

There are two rows of white snaps that provide a beautiful contrast, along with ease of adjustment. I can attain the best fit for my daughter, thanks to these helpful snaps.

The Applecheeks Cloth Diaper was a breeze to clean. I threw it in the washer with the rest of my fluff stash for the day, and I utilize the same washing routine that I normally do. After washing, I put it in the dryer (on tumble) until it’s almost dry, then I let it dry the rest of the way on my counter top. Voila! Clean diapers!

Applecheeks cloth diapers come in a variety of beautiful colors. If you’re like me, you’ve GOT to have a diaper to match EVERY outfit!

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