Almost ten months old…and FINALLY sleeping at/through the night!

I, like many other moms, are constantly trying to find different routines and techniques to where their baby sleeps through the night. My biggest problem was that Isabella didn’t want to sleep AT night. There was no “through” to it. There was no “waking up 3-4 (what have you) times a night”. She was up the entire time. My daughter would fall asleep until 9, 10, 11 am most nights (er…days). I soon realized that my mistake was not allowing her to soothe herself. I finally mustered up the courage to try the “cry it out (CIO)” method. I’m not gonna lie…I cried the first time I tried it (she was 6, almost 7 months old at the time). To be specific, I did the CIO with checks. She actually slept! Within 45 long and painful minutes…she was asleep FOR THE NIGHT. I was thinking to myself, “YAY! Maybe this is it! Maybe I FINALLY found what works for us!” 

…I was SO wrong. The next night, she didn’t fall asleep until the NEXT morning. I gave up for a little bit. Then a month later, I tried again. Except, with absolutely no checks. I let her cry for 30 minutes tops, and if she still hadn’t fall asleep yet….I would let her play for an hour. That worked for about a month (on and off…), actually. She still wasn’t going to sleep at a time that a baby should be going to sleep by. She was going to bed around 11/12, and I was thrilled by that. Better than what time she WAS going to sleep. Then it was ruined…again. 

I’m happy to say that it has been a week and a day of her sleeping AT and THROUGH the night. Friday night was the exception…but who could blame her? She got ill, and she’s still not feeling too great. Poor baby. Anyways…for the past week, she’s been going to bed around the 6:30/6:45 area. The latest she fell asleep was 9! I couldn’t be prouder! And she now WANTS to go to bed. Yesterday, she was begging to go to bed at 4. I kept her entertained for two more hours before I started her bedtime routine.

She was dozing off in her high chair…
She was standing up in the tub holding her arms out for me to pick her up.

After I got her dressed and put her in her crib, she immediately fell asleep. She didn’t wake up until 7 this morning! She’s now playing independently with her dolly stroller, watching Toot and Puddle on Nick Jr. Yeah, she watches TV…sue me. Her favorite show is Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. Random, sorry…haha. I’ll quit rambling.

Sorry for the poor writing, as I’m looking up every 30 seconds to make sure she’s okay. I’ll make up for it with cute pictures of my little one.

Think she’ll be a mess when she’s older? Looks like it with that expression!
Well…she got the holding the head part right. I don’t know about the biting.
That’s better. A kiss for her dolly.
Thumb-sucking action.


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    She is super cute! My little one has that same stroller. She got it for her birthday. She pushes her dollies into it so hard it is hysterical.

    Thanks for following the Hickman Four!

    I am following you back. Have a great week.

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    Just want to say, I read an article the other day that said that watching too much tv can make in more difficult for a child to talk. It's not just tv, but the radio too, so even daycares have it wrong!! So if she still isnt talking much, try keeping music and tv down to thirty minutes a day or less. Apparently, they have a hard time learning the difference between the background noise caused by the television and stereo, and the sound of you speaking to them. My sister-in-law's daughter is hardly speaking, and they had her hearing tested, but nothing was wrong. The doctor told her it might be the television, cause she watches like six hours of tv a day, and she's two. Don't want your gorgeous little one to have to suffer like she is right now!

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