Where to Find Affordable Cloth Diapers

Ever since finding out I’m having another girl a month ago, I’ve been ooo’ing and ahh’ing over all of the adorable prints and patterns that MUST be added into my fluff stash! One of my favorite ways to buy cloth diapers without blowing through my budget is through co-ops on Facebook. They’re easy to join, and I get all of the latest info and print selections right on my newsfeed!


affordable cloth diapers


Why co-op Facebook groups?

1. They often run ‘custom buys‘ that include unique prints that can ONLY be purchased through the Facebook group, unless you want to spend double/triple/quadruple the price via auction groups or eBay. Plain colors and basic prints don’t interest me. I love prints that you aren’t going to find anywhere else!

2. They’re cheaper than retail, as you’re getting the wholesale price. Many diapers are available for purchase through co-ops for only $4-7. When you buy through co-ops, you’re able to get more bang for your buck! Cloth diapering doesn’t have to be expensive thanks to these Facebook groups! You really only need 24 diapers (allowing you to wash every other day). Your entire stash can be bought for less than $120! Of course, if you’re like me, you don’t stop at 24…or 50, because you need ALL the diapers mwahaha.


Just a few of the prints you can find

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Which co-op groups do I recommend?

1. Crunchy Mamas Cloth Diaper Buys & More
2. Wood Cloth Diaper Co-Op
3. Pink Wednesday Buys – This group offers more than just cloth diaper (and related items). They currently have BATH BOMBS you can buy!
4. Cloth Diaper Anonymous Co-Op
5. Kristin & Amy’s Cloth & More Co-Op


This is just one way to find affordable cloth diapers online. Later, I’ll be going into detail explaining other inexpensive options to begin cloth diapering. So stay tuned!






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