5 Facebook Groups That Will Help Grow Your Blog!


You created your own blog. You came up with a name, registered for a domain, found hosting, and have a layout design that is a perfect fit. You also have a few blog posts and social media shares under your belt. Bravo! That’s a HUGE step in the right direction.

You might be wondering what’s next. What else can you do to grow your blog and allow it to become successful? One way is by networking with other bloggers. I’m a member of quite a few Facebook groups where badass bloggers come together to help promote each other and/or give and receive top notch advice. I’ve learned so much by participating (and sometimes lurking) in these groups. Below are 5 of my favorite Facebook groups that I believe will catapult your blog straight to success!


1. Courage to Earn: This group, which is lead by three of the most fabulous bloggers on the WWW, is the cream of the crop. While they do offer cross-promotion threads, CTE is mainly for giving and receiving advice – whether that be related to pitching, WordPress plug-ins, blog post ideas, photography tips – just to name a few. Brandi, one of the admins and content creator behind Mama Knows It All, even offers personal 1-on-1 coaching calls, along with her Pitch Session e-books. CTE is perfect for bloggers who are both starting out or have been in the game for years. You can never learn too much!

2. Promote Your Website: If you’re looking for a place to have your blog and social media posts shared, this is the one for you. This group has threads for website visits, Facebook like/share/comment/clicks, Google+ +1/share/comment, Pinterest like/repin, Twitter retweet/favorite, Instagram like/comment, blog comments, Google keyword search and clicks. Keep in mind that when your submit your links to these threads, you must reciprocate the favor for everyone else on the thread. Pauline, the admin, offers web design, SEO and marketing services that you might want to check out. She also has media kit templates. You can see it in action for yourself on my Media Kit page 🙂

3. Team Work Blogging Group: While this group is for cross-promotion, it has stricter guidelines than other groups, which I greatly appreciate. They even have an in-house VA (virtual assistant) that will complete 5 threads for just $20. Threads can take up a lot of time, so having someone reputable do it for you takes that burden off of you!

4. Social Media Network Group: This group is MASSIVE with over 8,000 members. While not all 8k members are active, cross-promotion threads get very long. I recommend only joining 1-2 threads a day because there’s no way to complete all the threads in a day. My favorites to join is Alexa Drop and Facebook Likes. They’re simple, and you don’t have to share anything that’s not a good fit for your blog/readers like you would in a retweet/repin thread. They offer an incredible service where VAs will complete retweet threads for you via RetweetChores.com!

5. Pinterest Group Boards: Pinterest is my biggest source of traffic, particularly due to group boards! Group boards is a fantastic way to have your snazzy content shared with thousands of people. Finding group boards that will accept you can be tricky. Thankfully with Pinterest Group Boards group on Facebook, you can easily see who is currently accepting contributors for their group boards.


Here are more awesome groups to help grow your blog:


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