35 Ways to Pass Time During the TWW (Two Week Wait)


Lord have mercy…I don’t know what goes by slower – a minute on a treadmill, a minute on the microwave…or the two week wait when trying to conceive a baby.

Time goes by at a dinosaur pace during the TWW. Not only does time stand still, but it’s also an incredibly emotional time for those actively trying for a little one.


Am I pregnant?

Will this cycle be the one?

or “What makes this cycle any different?

These are all thoughts that go through our minds during the two week wait.

The symptom spotting kicks in around…uh…1dpo! And it doesn’t let up until we get our much desired BFP or much loathed AF. 


It’s difficult not to consume our whole selves into our TTC journey. It’s all I thought about from the time I woke up til the time I fall asleep. All I wanted to do was POAS, and the stress of TTC in general became too much at times.

So, what are some ways that you can pass time during the two week wait? I’ve come up with a list of 35 things you can do that I either personally did or others who TTC do. 

1. Read a book series. 
2. Listen to music.
3. Binge watch your favorite series on Netflix.
4. Paint your nails.
5. Get a massage.
6. Practice your makeup skills.
7. Participate in TTC boards on Babycenter or groups on Facebook.
8. Blog or write about your struggles.
9. Go window shopping.
10. Go shopping for real.
11. Draw in an adult coloring book.
12. Have sex.
13. Watch videos on YouTube! I’ve been going back and forth between Daily Bumps and See Ya Real Soon!
14. Play solitaire. 
15. Clean the house.
16. Have a girl’s night.
17. Go see a live concert.
18. Play a video game with your husband/boyfriend.
19. Take a nap. This might be my most beloved way to pass time.
20. Attend a paint night with your favorite ladies.
21. Discover the right Reddit for you.
22. Play Candy Crush to your heart’s content.
23. Reorganize your furniture. Burn those calories in the process!
24. Bake your favorite treat – whether it be cake, cookies, brownies or chicken. You reorganized your furniture, you can afford it! 😉
25. Lipsync and dance to your favorite songs in front of the mirror like you did when you were a preteen.
26. Make your own soap.
27. Give Photoshop a try. You never know – you might have an inner graphic designer waiting to burst out!
28. Learn how to dance. There’s YouTube tutorials for that, or you can attend a class in-person.
29. Do crafts with your kids, if you’re already a momma.
30. Learn a new language or brush up on a language you already know.
31. Have your own dance party at home!
32. Knit a baby bonnet.
33. Earn extra cash with Swagbucks!
34. Make an album using pictures you’ve posted to Instagram.
35. Come up with a special way to announce your pregnancy, if you wind up seeing two pink lines in a few days/weeks!



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